Monday, August 19, 2013

back to the homestead we {a-go} go

 The riff-raff. Can I say how much I dislike moving? I don't mind the packing, it's the UNpacking that I'm not fond of...and all those little pieces that somehow don't make it into a box that are left floating on the floor of your old place and every time you see them again you could swear there is more and you are certain they are reproducing when you aren't looking. It's enough to make me wanna toss it all into a dumpster but them my bleedin' leftie heart thinks about recycling and all that jazz and I end up shoving all the crap into multiple canvas sacks so I am left without bags when I hit up the grocery store and our town is so environmentally enthusiastic we have a bag ban and I am forced to wobble my way across the parking lot with my arms full of wet produce and half priced meat.

I am also allergic to the air around me and get to wear this nifty all purpose mask. I wear it when I'm packing and unpacking. I wear it when I make pom-poms and cut wool sweaters up, and I wear it when the mister vacuums and dusts the rooms around me. It's so stylish it leaves lines all over my face once it's removed. Kinda like a gift that keeps on giving.

This room up until recently was where the sister a-go-go slept. It was a pale yellow and the mister really wanted me to keep the yellow but how could I when I was adding a multitude of yellow furniture to the room? I chose blush. Mister says it is pink. Everyone else in the a-go-go family think it is bright and shocking and pinkly garish. Obviously we are NOT related. That's a good thing for the mister and I.

I think the blush goes nicely with all the other colors in the room. It ties it all in. It does.

Here is the bookshelf bed as the mister is putting it back together. Having worked in a museum he has learned all sorts of nifty tricks for keeping parts and pieces lined up even after they have been taken apart. We had been sleeping at the homestead since the last week of July as the mama a-go-go had experienced a bit of an alarming heart episode and so we  oozed on in bring little bits and pieces over until eventually we picked up the truck and drove the whole shebang over (save for that above-mentioned flotsam I would really like to break up with). While we had been sleeping homestead-side we had not been sleeping in our bed...

We had been camping out on the Bert & Ernie beds until we pulled the bed frame out and slung the mattresses on the floor. Thank goodness the bed is now back in order and things are coming together in baby steps.The blue on the wall here is a few shades lighter than the blue in the old-old tiny casa. This color is caleld minty teal and I am quite smitten with it. Old white walls, you were fun for a while but I'm a girl who likes something a little more exciting. It's not you, it's me.


  1. Yes, the blush is perfect. :)

  2. Love your color choices! Omg! You guys are totally organized! In my dreams....

  3. Oh, I have so much to say about this post.
    First, I have to disagree on one point. I personally prefer to unpack. It's kinda like opening presents. Plus, you're in a new place and setting up all your stuff can be so much fun. I do understand all those last minute bits though, they can be aggravating.
    Also, I understand the frustration of allergies. I often wear a dust mask too to clean the house. The hubs is supposed to do the dusting and vacuuming for me, but it often doesn't get done in a timely manner that way. Lucky you for having a man that does.

    Lastly. . .I just made my favorite thrift store score of all time. It was a big multi-drawer cabinet that looks JUST LIKE the one you have under the shelf in the corner in the blush room. How crazy is that!?
    I hope you love yours as much as I'm loving mine right now!

    Anyway, just had to put my two cents in.

  4. Anonymous7:51 PM

    Good color choice. I would choose off white, but that's me.