Tuesday, August 13, 2013

at the barn...at the pier

My nephew and his wife came to visit for a few days. I took them to some favorite haunts and of course we had to feed the animals.

This guy here seemed to have a plan. I wouldn't want to be cornered, at least not empty handed.

dainty eater...

not so dainty eater...

we've always thought of this one as an ewok.

the fancy chicken. rooster?

At the pier, we saw oodles of seals and sea lions. This guy here looked a bit worse for the wear. He or she harumphed a lot and snorted a lot. Some of the wounds looked fresh. I wonder what happened?

A different seal. There were a lot of them lazily circling the pier and flinging themselves up on top of a random deck. There was one enormous sea lion barking out orders and I fear I could watch them all day long.

The water looked incredibly green. There were a lot of starfish hugging the legs of the pier and even more seals and sea lions in places I didn't think they could reach.

You cannot tell from the picture but this guy was quite HUGE. He or she was also quite content dozing away in the sun. Golly, how lucky am I that I live so close to the ocean, many beaches, and the piers?

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