Friday, August 30, 2013

taking some time to admire the flowers...


I would write smell the flowers but you know me and my non-working sniffer. At least the blooms are are the seed pods. These are all of the sister-a-go-go's flowers. We have taken over her garden and by we I mean the mister because I am pretty sure I am allergic to all of it though I do like running around with the push mower. I should probably wear a mask for that. Achoo!


The future plan is to get rid of the back lawn and put in some raised beds to grow our own veggies again. We brought the grape, strawberries, and blackberries up with us back in 2010 and have been enjoying berries like crazy. The grapes however will take a couple more years to settle in. I can almost taste the juice! Aside from that. The mama a-go-go has a peach tree and a tiny apple tree that shot out seven apples this year. Next year...who knows? So excited!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

did i tell ya?

I got a new gig? A pretty darn nifty one at that, both working with children and working with nifty peoples? I'm super excited and nervous and excited! I am now officially a teacher of wee children. Early education runs through my veins and now I have my own classroom. Pinch me and hit me with the silly stick, I am gleefully flabbergasted at this bit of nifty.

I will have my own class two days a week and do the assistant's shuffle for two other days. I will get to work with three-year-olds to five-year-olds with a team of collaborators and people of my tribe.

My room, my very own classroom is actually a shared room and that's just swell as the lovely person I am sharing with is just so darn nifty I could stuff myself with marshmallows and call it a day. For now it is a bit of a large blank slate that will soon be filled with the many, many creations of small hands.

First day of class is fast approaching and the butterflies in the belly re flapping around drunk on dandelion wine. Eeeps!

Monday, August 19, 2013

back to the homestead we {a-go} go

 The riff-raff. Can I say how much I dislike moving? I don't mind the packing, it's the UNpacking that I'm not fond of...and all those little pieces that somehow don't make it into a box that are left floating on the floor of your old place and every time you see them again you could swear there is more and you are certain they are reproducing when you aren't looking. It's enough to make me wanna toss it all into a dumpster but them my bleedin' leftie heart thinks about recycling and all that jazz and I end up shoving all the crap into multiple canvas sacks so I am left without bags when I hit up the grocery store and our town is so environmentally enthusiastic we have a bag ban and I am forced to wobble my way across the parking lot with my arms full of wet produce and half priced meat.

I am also allergic to the air around me and get to wear this nifty all purpose mask. I wear it when I'm packing and unpacking. I wear it when I make pom-poms and cut wool sweaters up, and I wear it when the mister vacuums and dusts the rooms around me. It's so stylish it leaves lines all over my face once it's removed. Kinda like a gift that keeps on giving.

This room up until recently was where the sister a-go-go slept. It was a pale yellow and the mister really wanted me to keep the yellow but how could I when I was adding a multitude of yellow furniture to the room? I chose blush. Mister says it is pink. Everyone else in the a-go-go family think it is bright and shocking and pinkly garish. Obviously we are NOT related. That's a good thing for the mister and I.

I think the blush goes nicely with all the other colors in the room. It ties it all in. It does.

Here is the bookshelf bed as the mister is putting it back together. Having worked in a museum he has learned all sorts of nifty tricks for keeping parts and pieces lined up even after they have been taken apart. We had been sleeping at the homestead since the last week of July as the mama a-go-go had experienced a bit of an alarming heart episode and so we  oozed on in bring little bits and pieces over until eventually we picked up the truck and drove the whole shebang over (save for that above-mentioned flotsam I would really like to break up with). While we had been sleeping homestead-side we had not been sleeping in our bed...

We had been camping out on the Bert & Ernie beds until we pulled the bed frame out and slung the mattresses on the floor. Thank goodness the bed is now back in order and things are coming together in baby steps.The blue on the wall here is a few shades lighter than the blue in the old-old tiny casa. This color is caleld minty teal and I am quite smitten with it. Old white walls, you were fun for a while but I'm a girl who likes something a little more exciting. It's not you, it's me.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

i finally made it to the post office...


I should have mailed out all of this months and months ago. What took me so long? I couldn't just send it. No...I had to make it pretty. I hope everyone enjoys there wee goodies!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

oh how i love apple season

It's early in the season so the pickings were limited but so so so very delicious!  The Burgundy apples are tiny and slightly tart with a blush of red that bleeds into the fruit. Gravensteins are sweet and make the yummiest of cider, not that we ever cider them up but still, they taste delicious.

The Galas were early and mostly yellow but perfectly crisp and juicy juicy juicy. Mollie's Delicious are a cross of your classic Reds (though I've read that they are not) and are hearty and crisp.

I have to admit that apples are my first and favorite fruit of all time. There are so many varieties and they are available fresh from late summer to spring. I love how different they can be from each other and I of course love them baked in a pie...we usually never make it to pie making as the apples get eaten up lickety split...

I decided to break that tradition. I made a tart. A puff pastry delight. We did not have any cream so I dusted the pastry with powdered sugar and black pepper. It was incredible.

My arm was barely twisted as we need to clean out the fridge at the tiny casa and there is no room in the homestead's freezer. One half a package of puff pastry and a handful of fresh summer apples and you got yourselves a delicious dessert!

We need to eat up our ten pounds as the Mutsus and Tohokus are in! It looks like it's time to pull out that other half of pastry!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

at the the pier

My nephew and his wife came to visit for a few days. I took them to some favorite haunts and of course we had to feed the animals.

This guy here seemed to have a plan. I wouldn't want to be cornered, at least not empty handed.

dainty eater...

not so dainty eater...

we've always thought of this one as an ewok.

the fancy chicken. rooster?

At the pier, we saw oodles of seals and sea lions. This guy here looked a bit worse for the wear. He or she harumphed a lot and snorted a lot. Some of the wounds looked fresh. I wonder what happened?

A different seal. There were a lot of them lazily circling the pier and flinging themselves up on top of a random deck. There was one enormous sea lion barking out orders and I fear I could watch them all day long.

The water looked incredibly green. There were a lot of starfish hugging the legs of the pier and even more seals and sea lions in places I didn't think they could reach.

You cannot tell from the picture but this guy was quite HUGE. He or she was also quite content dozing away in the sun. Golly, how lucky am I that I live so close to the ocean, many beaches, and the piers?

Sunday, August 11, 2013

not too long ago...

I made blueberry muffins.


Made from this recipe, a favorite. I added lemon zest and black pepper to the mix.


I may need to make some more. Yes, I think I need to make some more....

Friday, August 09, 2013

stuffity stuff, blue paint, and sunflowers

Things have gone a little caddywhompus in the a-go-go household. Between packing and painting and visiting and new job prepping there are all sorts of little bits slipping through the cracks. Next weekend is moving day and I'm afraid the packing might take us all week to finish. My poor sad, and sorry lungs and sinuses have been duking it out with all the box dust and dusty dust and sadly it seems the dust is winning. I've been a snurfly mess all month!

I have managed to pack the important things. I've even managed to install them into the homestead a-go-go.

mister finished painting up the bedroom. the color looks kinda crazy blue but it really isn;t all that bright. It's called minty teal and it's from Ace Hardware. The doors to the closet might remain this odd bergundy color...It's just so much work painting and since my allergies keep me down for the count, the mister ends up doing it all on his own. I kinda like the bergundy and I think it could work once all the other color is infused into the room. What do you think?

The sister a-go-go's garden is slowly becoming the garden a-go-go. I started these sunflowers back at the tiny casa and the sister planted them out. Look at them now! They stand well over eight feet and counting! Happy August!