Wednesday, July 03, 2013

what it looks like when i get to make art with teens and tweens...


I taught a teen/tween art session at a local(ish) library last week. I had one hour to dazzle up to 15 attendees and was delighted to find not only to have a full house but to have a nice balance between the teen and the tween ages. Thank the dilly goddess that I had planned for three projects as they were a quick and quiet group. Up above is a sample of the terrariums we made.  I had plastic charms, farm animals, and dinosaurs to spice 'em up. The moss was happy as well...

 The most popular project appeared to be the permanent marker tie-dye dealio. I had brought a half yard of muslin to jazz up and cut it into small postcard sized scraps. Each attendee got two pieces to draw on and dazzle. They really worked hard and I wish I had taken more photos but it is pretty astounding I even got these as I was running around and dashing about all over the place.


The pom-pom making was not an instant hit but since everyone rushed through making their terrariums I had to sell it. And I totally did. It took showing them how nifty the little bits of fluff look when trimmed down, down, down. I think I won the boys over when I mentioned muppet barf (thank you Za Meander!)

I had a blasty-blast and so wish I could have done more at more libraries. Alas I don't think my name made it to the list. Thank you to Kris who got me the gig, I am looking forward to next year!

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  1. Anonymous7:52 PM

    looks like so much fun, I'm sorry I missed it!! can't wait to hear more! I am doing bookmaking with that crew tomorrow for 2 hours :)