Tuesday, July 09, 2013

what i didn't do

I didn't sleep well last night. Like my three year old self, I tossed and turned to the tune of crackling in my ear. Oh how my ear is hurting me. Pain I tell ya! I keep tugging at it like the toddlers at the preschool. Ouch!

Also,  I didn't take a single photo yesterday. Not. A. One. No photos taken of the pom poms I trimmed and then arranged in rainbow order for no reason other than they please me. No photo of my red, white, and blue pajamas(red lobsters on white cotton bottoms, blue tank). No photo of the happy piles of fabric that were folded and then put away. No photos of the gingerbread I baked for the mister. None.

I watered my plants and they looked photo worthy but did I take a picture? I did not. I walked out to the mailbox and barely missed stepping on a lizard the size of a cricket. I did not take a photo of it/him/her either. It moved too quickly for a photo anyway. I received pretty vintage stamps in the mail and even they went unphotographed.

I did not pack, brush my hair, or photograph anything. There was a lot of NOT doing.

But there was also a lot of DOING.

I did wash dishes upon dishes and mopped the floor. I washed two loads of laundry (and even lost a shirt whilst doing so...where did it go?) and cleaned up the living room. Along with gingerbread, I baked up a frittata, and blended up a smoothie for dinner.

I forgot to drink water but I did drink iced coffee and fizzy water with a splash of juice. I also drank hot ginger tea and the above mentioned smoothie.

I dashed off a cover letter and resume for a teaching dealio that would offer up more hours. I emailed back and forth with my landlord to show the tiny casa to strangers later this week. I remembered that we a-go-gos have dental cleanings today and I enjoyed an e-card from my aunt whom we will be visiting this month.

So I did not take photos today and I dropped the ball for two self-imposed projects and you know...I'm okay with that.

Maybe later today I will take some photos...after the cleaning and errands but before family dinner. Or maybe, I will just read a book.

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