Thursday, July 11, 2013

walking the beach

A few weeks ago when we were in the throes of a heat wave, we went for a morning walk along the beach in Avila. The plan was to walk from one end to the other 9it's not very long) and then sit for a spell with a cuppa somethin'.

While the nephew a-go-go worked on treasure hunting and stick poking, I looks for small moments of pretty and found there were many.

The tide was on an upswing and moving in casting stones in tumbleweed like rolls...

Tiny green crabs were clicking about  the rocks and barnacles moving too quickly for me to capture with the camera.

We walked under the pier and I stood there eyes dancing over the shadow play, ears tuned to the waves and my toes in the sloopy sand.

After reuniting a wee crab to the water, we headed back for a sit. I cannot help but take photos of this tree each and every single time we visit. The pink puffs are simply so Seussian and the bees make it extra spiffty.

This young lady and her choice of doll kept my smile buoyed for the remainder of the morning. She was quite engaging.

The colorful shops in this newish cluster also make me smile. Tucked back between all this color is a nifty little tasting room I highly recommend.

And of course, more pretty blossom to catch my eye.

Afterwards we ran some errands and brought lunch to the sister -a-go and her boss man. Boss man's boy-o donated a small bag of Star Wars toys to the nephew a-go-go and the mister had a fine time playing with them over lunch.

When we got home more errands and chores were attended to and then I sat on the porch with a popsicle and the camera.

Oh! and we saw baby pigeons. Baby pigeons!

How's that for a summer day?

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