Monday, July 01, 2013

the week in review: june 24-30

Last week felt like a total week of summer. It was hot and we were super busy! I taught a teen art class at a semi-local library where we made pom-poms, built terrariums, and did some sharpie tie-dying. It was a lot of fun and I was crazy surprised that such a large group of for reals teenagers showed up! Yay for small communities with awesome library programs! Now, if only I could turn that into my day job.

We had a mini heat wave up here on the central coast. Where our summers are normally in the high 70s, we were feeling temps in the 90s and low 100s. Yikes! To keep cool, the mister and I made homemade blackberry buttermilk ice cream, enjoyed homemade cranberry popsicles, and hit up the beach for a walk with the family a-go-go.

In between all the heat, there was mask making, sodering lessons, sunflower sprouting, and scone making (which I absolutely do NOT recommend on a day that is to be HOT, no matter HOW early you begin). I also got in some 4th of July crafting and while I'm coming in JUST under the wire, I do have a few more goodies up my non-existent sleeves.

Happy day-after-Canada Day, almost-Independence Day, and happy happy July! This week will be a smidge more crafting, some library book reading (I have far too many due in a few days with no chance for renewal), and along with the 4th, birthday fun for the mama a-go-go!

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