Monday, July 08, 2013

the week in review: july1-7

Oh lookie, it's the jek show. Last week was indeed super busy and productive, I just failed to take any interesting photos or at least photos that would look all happy together. I began my 31 Days of Red, White, and Blue and already I'm thinking I am the queen of Hoserville. I just am. I'm also in a terrible, terrible mood. My allergies have me wheezing wheezing wheezing and my head is so full of sleep and fuzz. I haven't slept well in a few days and I'm trying like the dickens to figure out why the allergies. Other than two ocean side visits I have not hiked or sucked in pollen. I have however had an intense fling with fourth of July fireworks. I suspect they are the culprit. Hack hack hack sniff.

I squeaked out a few holiday projects for the 'do! and got the bed all made up. I made a flag and a pillowcase and I managed some weekend food prep for the week. I also got my hair trimmed and color redone and made a belt for my 31 days project. Right now, I am feeling meh enough I want to ditch it all and dive back under the covers with a bad book. I might but then I will feel doubly guilty as the mister has to be at work and I should be packing and cleaning.

I managed to get over my socially inept self to enjoy a lunch with my co-workers and then I hit up Spooner's Cove with this delightful friend and her wee gal where we sat for a few hours and chatted away in the ocean air. Then...yesterday, in a fit of sad raccooniness I demanded we go outside and DO something but could not fathom what the something should be and while I wanted, wanted, wanted to give in to the toddler screaming in my head I did not throw my bowl at the wall and sink into a puddle on the floor. I really wanted to and I told the mister I really wanted to and the lamest part is I had no idea why. I just wanted to. I was overwhelmed by bad brain and the wheezing wasn't helping nor was the lack of good sleep. So, instead of tantrumming it up, I laced up my hiking shoes and we headed out to pick up the mama a-go-go before making our way to Morro Bay. We opted for a shorty-short walk along the boardwalk and stopped to enjoy the otters which are SO DANG CUTE! Otters wrapping themselves up in seaweed are definitely a mood enhancer. Otters with furry babies on their bellies might cause one to swoon like a loon.

Other than the smidge of crafting (though my living room floor might argue over use of the word smidge, it's a ginormous mess) I also slathered on a coat of paint onto my soon-to-be kachina mask. So there you have it...fireworks, haircuts, beach walking, crafting, cooking, and visits with the sad raccoon. I hope this week is just as productive with more sleep and less anxiety.


  1. Anonymous10:20 PM

    Allergies are such tricky things sometimes. I remember the year I was 16 I had just moved in with my dad and his new wife in AZ and my asthma got really bad which was weird because people used to move to AZ to treat their asthma. My folks ran their swamp cooler all the time trying to flush whatever was bothering me out of the air. At the end of the summer I came across a pile of hay mats in the backyard and wondered aloud where they had come from and who was trying to kill me..turns out they were the pads from the swamp cooler. (The next year we got the synthetic kind.)

  2. Anonymous10:21 PM

    So I guess my point would be- you don't have a swamp cooler do you?

  3. hang in there, some weeks are just like that!