Tuesday, July 16, 2013

cronuts in the morning

cronut love

While I do definitely own up to a sweet tooth, I have to admit that donuts are not really my thing. At least, not your average run-of-the-mill donut. It is probably both a good thing and a bad thing that we live within walking distance to a magical donut shop. I've written about SLO Donut (or SLODOCO for those in the know) before, mostly when Ander and Zaza come visit as that is out thing...donuts...at SLO Donut where you can decorate your own bit of baked goodness to your heart's content.

morning hearts

Of course we went and sweetened up. The donut stop was necessary as we spent the morning making pom-poms and mornings making pom poms can sometimes take the oomph outta you. Banana glazed donuts, apple fritters, and even cronuts can help with that. Cronuts you ask? Why yes, there is such a thing and it is sweeping the donut nation from NY to CA. SLODOCO's cronuts are lovely and flakey and much to our surprise creme filled! I'm still working through that sugar shock but it was all good.

Iced coffee was also important. In this case it was a latte....

Not usual suspects for me (I usually do 2 donuts)...though this ended up being my meal for the day until late in the evening when we had dinner. Here is a savory stuffed croissant, cronut, and devil's food cake. I do love a good devil's food cake.

The light was simply too pretty to not get all snap happy!

The chalkboards are always fun, even if there are far too many comments from hosers who think they are witty. We have yet been able to find the chalk. I wonder if it is a bring your own deal?

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