Saturday, July 13, 2013

and suddenly i was overwhelmed with weepiness was weird. I had packed three boxes for the move, mister is in a packing panic and I am certain we have plenty of time but his manic panic is freaking me out and so I promise to pack a certain number of boxes per day to keep him chill.

So, I had packed my boxes and tried on some pants and made a pile for cutting up. I gathered up some magazine pages to see if I could find pins for them, poured a jar of ice water, snagged a favorite supermarket cookie for a snack, popped in one game of candy crush (oy) and got to pinning and planning for next week's road trip.

I hopped from one page to another, doing my multitasking (and slightly ADD) dealio when I decided to look up a recipe that would top my favorite supermarket cookie. I'm scrolling through pins on pinterest and suddenly my breath catches and I want to weep.

No trigger unless you count Cookie Monster...not a one. Though I have been anxious all day, jittery and headachey and a big old worry wart but I have also been happy and goofy (have I told you that I pose for traffic cameras) and had a divine visit with a friend and a tall cup of my favorite coffee.

So that's how I roll. I am in the middle of a course of antibiotics and steroids...maybe those are messing with my mojo. I don't know. We're in the middle of packing for the new move and packing for a road trip. Things are a little techy and off but not so awful on the flip-side.

And it's back..this worry and weepiness...maybe I'm just really sad I haven't been able to clear all the jelly....


  1. Here's hoping you feel better soon! I wonder if its something in the universe.....I, who NEVER get anxious have been having bouts of anxiety and panic and the feeling of being frozen. I hate it! Happy days ahead for us all!

  2. What's up with that? I hope yer feeling less anxious! The universe is odd indeed!