Sunday, June 23, 2013

winner! winner! winner! winner!

Oh how I wish I could give each one of my entries a garland. As there were but only a few of you, it could be doable but my time is so wonky as of late I would never finish and follow through and then it would hang over my head like all the other things that fell through the cracks (I STILL have nervousness projects dangling overhead and I cannot even remember the details but always think about my dropping the ball there. Shoot!)

Four garlands for four ladies, here ya go!

Please email, etsy mail, or FB message me your address and I will get thee a garland out this week!


  1. Oh wow, yay, I won!!! Thankyou thankyou!

  2. Made my Monday morning!!!!
    Thanks jessica

  3. Who me?! Oh yay! (sorry, I just saw this) Will etsy you later :)) Thank you so so much! xo