Sunday, June 02, 2013

the week in review: may 27-june 2

Last week was Teacher Appreciation week at the preschool and boy-howdy were we teachers spoiled to pieces (the flowers were just a precursor of the love). I really did not accomplish much, other than basking in the glow of being appreciated. Sure, there were chores and errands and such but not too much else...

The week was kooky hot for these parts which meant I was up early enough to admire the sunrise on the sock monkeys and had enough gumption to bring a large vintage sheet to the school for some fort building. I also painted up a bunch of sticks for the preschoolers and got to observe some fun bubble action with them as well. It is also possible the heat made me a smidge cranky. I tend to not weather it well. Sniff.

On Tuesday we celebrated a sister a-go-go birthday with a delicious dinner from the boss-man and a quite tasty cake (if I do say so myself)  baked by yours truly. 

Saturday was our school's potluck and so I whipped up a double batch of cucumber sauce, a single batch of green olive tapenade, and a now empty bowl of spicy cucumber salad. After the shenanigans at the park, we were overheated and snoozed away for the first nap of the summer(ish) season.We also may have gorged on cupcake appreciation as well. It would be rude to turn down cupcakes of appreciation, don't you think?

We ended the week with a  Sunday morning wander around our tiny downtown. Not many people are out and about before 8am on a Sunday, it was chilly and overcast and the wander was pleasant and I took oodles of photos. So many photos! Photos which are now on the new laptop...whoo-hoo! This is my very first laptop of my very own from the beginning and it is nice and shiny and my how my photos look so pretty on this (wee bit smaller) screen!

This week methinks the June gloom will soon be upon us so there may be some baking and perhaps a bit less crankiness. The June bed is already made and ready to be shared and I'm hoping to have a coffee date with a dear friend later in the week. Mister's birthday is next Monday but we will be doing a mini celebration on Sunday. I need to get busy, happy June!

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  1. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Yeah, I'm pretty sure not eating cupcakes of appreciation would be rude. And probably bad luck as well, like not drinking when someone makes a toast.