Monday, June 10, 2013

the week in review: june 3-9

Much of the week was spent battling a sore throat that has now morphed into something more. It's not a cold, it's not a flu. I'm not sure if it is viral or bacterial. No fever but lots goo. Sigh. I've managed to keep from getting sick since Valentine's Day, not too shabby. 

So, back the the week in review...a whole lotta laziness do to sickiness and then a Sunday packed with stuff. Clockwise from the top left...Ice cream sandwich goodness for the mister's birthday shindig and pretty linens for the june bed. I did manage a wee bit of crafting aka pom pom making. I'm trying for a head start for the 4th! I picked up a bunch of new bowls. We were having family over for ice cream and well...since it is just the two of us, we are low on dishes. These condiment bowls from Target are the perfect size for ice cream. not being glass, they are also perfect for parties (I'm not posting for the big box store, I just really liked these bowls and they are in MY colors. I can;t find any evidence of them online, huh.)!

I got project from my list completed for Father's Day and had the mister model it. Seriously folks, friendship bracelets for dad made from shoelaces. So cool! I also got a couple of way way way WAY late birthday goodies mailed out to Zaza and Ander. Phew! Oh and lookie that homemade buttermilk ice cream! I used my new used ice cream maker for part of it. Yay for summer! And more june bed prettiness.

For the birthday shindig, along with homemade ice cream I made blackberry sauce from fresh blackberries. I used Vernors ginger ale for my liquid and partial sweetness and added a teaspoon of black pepper for heat. Delicious!

This ick has made me a smidge anal and working with preschoolers only adds to the mix so I spend a lot of time washing odd things like these pom poms I brought into the school for the kiddos to play with. Popped them onto a cookie sheet to dry and placed the cookie sheet on the front porch. Who knows what all my college aged neighbors think?

I made mister stop to take a photo for his birthday. He is not too happy to be all of 44.  I think he looks like a baby still. Next up, I worked on a project for scrumdilly-do! and had to photograph all of its pretty. Don't you think it is pretty? 

And finally...I feel a bit hungover form the week and thought this wee lampshade on the noggin was that perfect added touch. It's been a whirlwind and I've been coughing up a storm whilst typing up this post. Time for something hot to drink. Thank goodness it is my day off. Happy Birthday, mr. a-go-go!


  1. Anonymous11:26 AM

    Sending a big happy birthday to the mister! He certainly does still look like a young'un.

    1. don't we all? thank goodness for sunscreen and water and laughter! thank you!