Friday, June 14, 2013

spoons and bowls and bowls and spoons

When  I was setting up for the mister's ice cream party, I realized that while we may have an excess of oddball items such as empty almond butter jars and oh...I don't know...sock monkeys. We lack things in number that may prove more useful such as spoons and ice cream bowls (ice cream bowls are very useful).

Before we hit the road on the BIG road trip, we tossed, donated, and sold oodles and oodles of stuff, crap, junk, and treasure. I think we should have kept the utensils and the bowls. Not ice cream bowls exactly but more bowls than we have (which is even less now as one of my latte bowls bit the dust a few weeks ago).

Luckily however (or sadly, depends on how you view it) mister and I are a bit socially inept and have not made many friends up here.  There are excellent people of quality that we do know, we're just inept enough to think they don't want to be bothered by us and so we tend to tuck our heads in the ground and pretend we are cartoon ostriches . So a lack of spoons for a partay isn't too lame. The family a-go-go is a fair number of people and I had just enough spoons to make it work for eating and for adding sprinkles and such. Can you tell we picked up most of our utensils from the thrift?

Mister and I used to have a quartet of small bowls we dubbed ice cream bowls that came from chinatown. They were the perfect size for two small scoops of ice cream (but probably for rice. I think they were rice bowls) and cute to boot...there were four and now there are two and two perfectly sized bowls for ice cream will not feed a family a-go-go of eight.

When all else fails or panic begins to creep in, it is Target to the rescue. Isn't that they way? I picked up two sets of malamine-like condiment bowls that were perfect in size and happy in color. All stacked up in a topsy-turvy tower is super smile inducing. At least to me it is...

And so there you have it. What accounts for excitement here in the a-go-go household. The acquisition of thriftshop spoons, and plastic bowls for the sole purpose of ice creaming it up...a-go-go style.


  1. My boyfriend and I moved here (Albuquerque) last year, and we still haven't made very many friends. It takes time, I guess! :/ Love your cute bowls. And spoons. :)

    1. Thank you for the bowl lurve and yup, making friends sure ain't easy! Happu June!

  2. These are so pretty!