Saturday, June 08, 2013

scrumdilly diy: yarn wall medallions

This month's making the bed art was super fun and easy to do. My first three medallions were made from cardboard and when I realized I needed some more I used up a paper sack as I was out of cardboard. Paper bags are much easier to work with as is creating your circle without outlines. Here ya go!

*yarn in a variety of colors
*tacky glue 
*sponge brush (optional)
*recycled paper bags or other sturdy paper

 My jumping off point for this project involved this chunky neon red yarn. I like working with chunky yarn for this because a little goes a long way. I could not find other neon colors of the chunky kind so I rounded out my medallions with a combo platter of colors.

Cut open you paper bag and lay on a flat surface (sorry the pics are from the cardboard). I used the floor. Apply a large dollop of tacky glue and spread across the paper using your sponge brush or fingers. You could probably use white glue but Tacky Glue is thicker and more pliable.

Cut a length of yarn at least six inches to start and press one end down into the glue and gently wrap it around itself creating a spiral circle.

Continue applying glue as needed and  wrapping yarn around the circle until you get the diameter you like. Set aside to dry.

I made a few on my bag and cut them out after they were dry. If you are making a grouping, use the same colors in different combos so that they play well together without being too matchy-matchy.


Another plus for using paper instead of cardboard is that the paper does not curl nearly as much as the cardboard. It's also easier to hang. Add a loop of two of packing tape to the back and get to decorating.


Have a medallion party, serve round food, decorate with balloons, spin some records, and have fun!


  1. I google +'d this! Cool project.

  2. love it! I think i'll do up some decorations for a friend's birthday party next week!


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