Thursday, June 06, 2013

morning musings

It's not even 6am and my head is full of stuff. Why do we never actualyl sleep in on our ays off when we can? I go to bed looking forward to sleeping in and yet my eyes pop open the moment the mister is off to work. It's not even bright and sunny yet, it is grey, grey, grey. I might understand getting a head start on a hot and sunny day (you could nap later, naps are good, naps are cool) but on a grey day? Grey days are for reading books and drinking coffee. Grey days are for burying yourself under a pile of quilty quilts and blankets. Grey days are for huddling on the sofa watching bad t.v. or for wearing your pajamas all day with mismatched socks as you shuffle about the kitchen baking gingerbread for your person.

Today is a day where I get to clean. I get to move piles of clutter around in an attempt to have the tiny casa look less cluttery. I need to clean off the kitchen table and liberate it from the heap of i-don't-know-what so that people can sit there. Mister's birthday dealio with the family is on Sunday and I am making ice cream and the family a-go-go will be over and why do we not have enough chairs? Oh and bowls? How are we going to eat said homemade ice cream? Cones? Cones will work...but I should have some cream bowls. We used to have small ice cream bowls but one by one they had succumbed to breaking and now we have one? Two? And while we do not have many drinking glasses, we do have mugs and of course...jars. Mister eats almond butter like it is going out of style and my collection of almond butter jars is quite large. I have become quite fond of them. I like drinking from them better than yer average canning jar. They are larger, their lids are in one piece, and they are so much easier to clean (my hand can fits!).

I can hear the traffic on the highway swoosh by. It is still early yet that not too many drivers are out. There is also a birdie of some sort in the ficus tree right outside the window. I can't see it but the twittering and chirps are fun to listen to. I'm feeling a bit peckish and hungry but I forgot to take my darn thyroid pill when I stumbled out into the hallway around 3am to pee (my bladder is old). So, since I just took the darn pill I have to hold off on eating which is probably good as I have decided to camp out in the bedroom to type away and I don't want food stuffs in the bedroom or near the new lap top (it's so pretty!). I have to say I'm not a fan of the thyroid pill. We can't seem to figure out my levels and I keep trying to parlay to the doc that I'm not sure going be levels is good for me as I feel crappy, pretty much, all. the. time. I never had thyroid symptoms until I started taking thyroid meds. It could be because I was (ahem) ALLERGIC to the synthroid or it could be because I am now menopausal but I'm thinking the meds pushed me into menopause..who hits menopause at 38? I don't know. All I know is that I have forgotten what it feels like to feel well. I don't feel sickity-sick every moment but I do remember I used to feel better.

I think my hair has stopped growing. Not really but kinda. It used to grow super fast but now it seems to be breaking off and not budging. Stupid previous dose pushed me into hyper territory where I was hypo...sheesh! I know I cut it really really short and it has only been a smidge past three months but this current state of mini mullet and whack-a-doodle chaos is giving me a bad case of irk. It's just hair, I know. Moving on.

The school session is almost over and I will be off for the summer. I have been trying to figure out what I need to take to obtain an Early Childhood Teaching Permit from California and have had two unsuccessful counseling sessions at our community college. They had no idea. The last counselor said that my upper division classes won't transfer (wha?) and that they really did not know about this permit because it wasn't issued by the school. Nope, not helpful at all. My next step is to have a sit down with the department head and see if we can figure something out. I suppose I do not NEED a permit but I would like to have one. If I wish to work at a state funded preschool it would be helpful. I adore the school I am at but we're trying to figure out funds and such and I may be needing more hours but I may much is up in the air right now...trying to let go and just choose a healthy response to whatever happens.

We're planning our summer road trip and while we won't be traveling through so many states this time we will be hitting up two. Nevada to visit family and then Oregon to visit a friend. Yay for summer road trips!

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  1. I love reading your blog posts. I love the way you write and I wish you a summer full of healthy feeling - though if summer is a long way way I wish that for you now