Thursday, June 27, 2013

even 90 degrees is too hot for me

I'm pathetic when it comes to heat (and so is my mint plant...the darn thing keeps curling up on itself and drying out). My body simply is not a fan and I get anxious and completely nauseated no matter how much water I drink. The tiny casa has no air and while it was much much cooler inside than out I got all heatified when I got crafty.
I ran about the tiny casa like a mad woman today. It helps that I woke up at 6:30am. Wrote out a list last night and managed to cross three things of the list. Yikes! Only three? I need to skeedaddle more often.
There was some pom wrapping when the heat got the best of me and then some stitching and a whole lotta of photographing.
I'm feeling a lot of anxiety about time lately. Like there really isn't enough and yet what is it I actually do? I'm off for the summer and we have some traveling planned but mostly I need to get these projects off my list (they're all for the 4th of July...yikes!) and then it is time to pack, pack, pack.
Yup, you read that right. The mister and I are moving out of the tiny casa and back into the homestead. The sister-a-go-go (well, one of them) is moving out and the mama a-go-go would prefer to not live alone. Since the mister's work space is at the homestead, and we're there more often than not, and the witch-baby is there, and well...we really like the mama a-go-go, it will be an enjoyable change. It will also be a challenge, I know this. Even though the tiny casa is tiny, it is overflowing with stuffity-stuff and we'll be downsizing into two rooms. Much will be stored but I am hoping to be brave enough to part with all sorts of vintagey goodness. I'll probably list it in the shop so as to keep all the other vintagey goodness there company.
Speaking of the shop, I will be adding (if not already added) some festive July 4th inspired dilly packs to it so don't be shy and pick up some pretty whilst contributing to my new camera lens fund!
And now it is time for a cereal snack...that could be dinner, right?


  1. Anonymous8:37 PM

    Not only can it be dinner, it's what I had for dinner. And lunch.

    Good luck with your move!

    1. i do love me some cereal! i'll usually pass up ice cream for cereal. especially if it has marshmallows.

  2. Moving can be stressful . . . especially in the heat. I hope it all goes easy. It is 108 where we live today - and I actually like the heat, but it is just way to hot. love your basket of wrapped poms . . . makes me want to go get out my yarn, but I am finally off for the summer and determined to clean and throw out. I understand the time thing. have a great day!

    1. make some poms, yes! i hope it is cooler for you now. we're moving down into the 80s now which is much better. the breeze at this moment is wonderful. makes me even want a light blanket to huddle in and read. enjoy your summer off!