Tuesday, May 07, 2013

the may bed

My original may bed project took a back seat once I saw how festive all the Cindo de Mayo garlands I made looked. So now I have both the may bed and the june bed ready. Yay for being ahead of the game! DIYS for the garlands coming this week...

The bed is completely inspired by fiesta colors. Last month I had paired off and rolled up all of the pillowcases for future beds and the long pillowcase I had originally planned for this month wasn't cutting it, so I made one. When I make my pillowcases, I choose a different fabric for each side so I can have twice as many looks. The fabric is called Secret Garden from Alexander Henry and is newish (2010), not vintage. The flipside is from a vintage yellow sheet. I love how the bright granny squares tie it all with the happy garlands. This may be my favorite bed this year!


  1. i love the fiesta colors! so....festive!

  2. ok ,now I have the wanties...!

  3. Anonymous4:59 PM

    Those garlands are so awesome!