Thursday, May 30, 2013

make a denim fair pouch

The day before we left for Maker Faire, I decided I did not want to carry a backpack and so I whipped up a simple denim pouch that perfectly held my essentials; water bottle, camera battery, phone, inhaler, lip balm, cash & ID.

Having just pulled out a pile of thrifted denim I knew what I was going to do.

Cut off the bottom of one leg on a pair of jeans. I cut a piece about eight inches tall. To create a contrasting design, cut out a square of denim or other fabric you have on hand. Pin and stitch on front side of cut leg piece. I used a bunch of contrasting threads in a combo of straight and zig-zag stitches just to add a bit of oomph.

I also added a pen pocket to the front. To get all the bits stitched on the front, I removed the storage compartment of my sewing machine leaving just the arm in place for easier maneuvering. If yer not so comfortable with a sewing machine, you can cut up along one side of your leg piece thus opening it up to a larger rectangle. Laying the piece flat, pin your pockets and patches on the front, over to one side leaving about two inches for the side seams to be stitched up again.

Once my pockets and patches were stitched on, I turned the pieced inside out and stitched up the bottom using a small straight stitch, going across the bottom twice to make sure it sticks. Eyeball or measure a width that would accommodate your water bottle and stitch up from the bottom to the top of the bag creating two pouches, one for your water bottle and the other for the rest. My "for the rest" side was a bit snug and so I measured up a bit from the bottom and stitched across making it less was a bit tricky trying to allow for my already-stitched pen pocket but I made it work.


The straps were made by liberating the waistbands from two pairs of jeans and trimming as needed to fit over my shoulder. I used the button end of one band and buttoned it onto the  other before stitching each end to either side of the bag.

It still felt a little plain to me so I added a granny square accent by using a hefty drizzle of Tacky Glue and then it was finished!

I wore it all over the faire and back home and have even used it for errand running around town. I love my little denim pouch!


  1. Fabulous!! I saw it on one of the pics at the makers fair and nearly messaged you to find out more about the cute pouch!! I love it! Do you mind if I have a go ? x

    1. Hi Julie! Oh please have a go, I wanna see what you make!

  2. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Sale them on etsy girl!!! So darn adorable!


    1. aw, thanks! i am thinking of making a few denim bags...hope this summer works out!