Monday, April 01, 2013

week in reviewing it

Happy Monday! I've decided that I need to hop back on the week in review horse. When I did the week in review it acted as a tiny tool for keeping a diary of sorts as without a plan I tend to let things blow away so in an attempt to return to my blogging roots I'm tossing the week in review back into the mix. 

Last week involved a lot of crafting. There were eggs and eggy things, and a couple of garlands, and yarny bits in the mix. I'm still dating the bad boyfriend otherwise known as allergies so there also was a lot of tea drinking, and hot water drinking, and more cough-cough-coughing than I like. I am really not a fan of coughing. Sheesh!

I had the week off from work and so thoroughly enjoyed a pajama day or two and pom-pom making and baking and reading. I am now laptop-less which changes how I putter around the tiny casa. I did not watch much of the Netflix or listen to itunes even...I just snipped and stitched and painted and photographed amongst much mumbling to myself. 

On Easter we not only enjoyed an egg hunt and dinner but we also celebrated two birthdays (the OG sister-ago-go and the sister a-go-go both share this day) and while my sister-sister is far far away I hope she felt the spirit of our celebration as she was thought of many times over. I wish you could have been here, the sky was so blue, the robins were out, and the dart guns were kept busy as foam ammo flew every-which-way. Happy day-after-your birthday sis, I adore you! 

This week I am back at work and have much to clean up in the tiny casa. I also have a none-too-thrilling dental appointment approaching and woe me and my tiny jaw. Here's to hoping the "sedation" they give me works just long enough to get me through the procedure but doesn't stay too long as the weekend is full of plans. Wish me luck, send good vibes, and I'll catch ya later!

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  1. Good luck with your appointment! I'm sure it will go just fine (they always seem to go much better than we expect, don't they).