Monday, April 15, 2013

the week in review: april 7-14

 Another week spent with the usual suspects...allergies, work, allergies, and a little crafting. The coughing has been driving me bonkers and my allergies have left me feeling dazed and confused. It ain't all bad though...just annoying. Though if you had asked me Friday night I would have a different answer. Friday night was awful in the realm of allergies. Simply awful and it left me so very tired on Saturday I had to cancel my other plans. On the plus side, I got to couch potato-it on the sofa and read an entire cheesy romance that I re-found utterly delightful.

The weather has warmed up for the most part so we have been enjoying a lot of smoothies and fruit. The water table at school was filled with a lot of water and the flowers in the sister a-go-go's garden have been popping up all over. I did the thrilling exercise of dying rice and photographed a bunch of the mister's musical instruments. Etsy packages were both sent and received and a teeny bit of stash crafting happened in a fit of desperate crafting. In between it all there were more moments of normalcy and not so normalcy. We watched flicks on the computer, this one, this one, and this one and we enjoyed a guffaw or two from this guy and oh yeah, I beat the mister at feats of strength (you probably don't want to know!)

This is how my weeks usually go. Nothing fancy, just puttering about the casa, puttering about the preschool and maybe an errand or two or a hike thrown in for good measure but it seems my hiking days may be over for each time I venture out I end up on the floor in a coughing fit from allergies. Drats!

This week is full of the same though hopefully I won't have a repeat of last Friday night. Acck! Happy April!

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  1. what did you put in your smoothies???