Monday, April 22, 2013

the week in review: april 15-21

Most of the week was spent at work or in a brain cloud. Truly, I can't really think much on the week. I had a photoshoot on Tuesday that was fun and I did more laundry than usual and lots of folding and moving crafty piles from one corner of the tiny casa to the other. As far as craftiness goes I stitched up a cloud garland that had been floating around the noggin for a few years now as well as pulled out the micro tins for some Earth Day projects. I also prepped some cuttings from my succulents to plant into said micro tins...I'm trying to work through my crafty idea lists from 2010 and on. There are simply too many things I want to make and I need to use up my stash before it eats me and the mister.

If we go clockwise from the top left there you will see the cloud garland and then a super yummy accidental lunch of samosa filling turned quesa-less quesadilla. Over the weekend it felt like summer and so I pulled out the popsicle maker and whipped up a batch of french soda pops. Mmmmmm. The leftover pom-poms got a super trim and the mister, mama a-go-go, and I enjoyed a lunch date in Los Osos. Tiny grafted cacti were obtained and I set up some sunflower seeds to sprout.

With the heat came a much needed affair with a chocolate malt, and more happy plants to pot up for the porch. There was a lot of yarn wrapping, and two houseplants were adopted so that I can begin my natural air purifier project. Now all I need are more plants and oodles of pots.

I managed three outfit photos this week and two of them included my favorite pair of too-big-for-me patched up jeans. The other focused on a skirt as I felt a need to take my new pair of pettipants out for a spin. I'm practicing to be an old fogey. I think I will be really good at it. Oh yeah, I also managed to wear flowers in my hair and NOT feel like a super dork. True, only the mister and the local porch lizard witnessed them and of course now you...

This week will be more of the same but hopefully more productive. I have so many piles of crafty bits to weed through. I'm tried of looking at them and knocking them over. Happy almost May!

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  1. Hey Jessica
    I mailed you something and it came back to me last week with no such address on it. I must have done something wrong can you email me the right address?