Friday, April 12, 2013

make a beaded pom-pom garland

 Not really a photo diy but I think you'll get the gist of it. I've been on a pom-pom kick lately. I have a small pile of yarn but completely lack any fiber arts skills so I mostly use the yarn for gift wrapping. Over the spring break, the nephew and I were watching this episode of Doctor Who when I spotted a nifty garland hanging in the children's room. It reminded me of the elephant garlands that Cost Plus carries and how I keep meaning to make my own version and even have all the fabric sitting here, cut and ironed and waiting for me to DO something with it already. I had planned on doing a Valentine's Day version (see how long my piles hang around) and well...that did not happen...not yet at least.
The end of the month was fast approaching and I still had not thought of what I wanted to make for the april bed. The garland was perfect and so I set to work making pom-poms. I do not have a fancy pom-pom maker nor do I have the energy to make one from cardboard. I had a glimmer of a memory of my mamos teaching me how to make them using just my hands and so I did a quick internet search to refresh my memory and discovered this nifty video by Ez of Creature Comforts and I think I have linked up to it before. I prepped my supplies and popped 'em onto a large tray and worked on turning out pom-poms whilst watching various programs on the computer.
After I had a happy pile, I gathered up some embroidery floss, a large eyed needle, and a pile of smaller store bought pom-poms. Oh wait...that isn't true, I forgot I had had another idea for the bed and did some neon paint splattering to a pile of white pom-poms a few weeks earlier. I gathered those up along with the other store bought poms and did a rifle through my metal drawers to see if I could wrestle up some more beads.
Back to the sofa to work on stringing it all together. The best way to do this is while watching a program or movie so that you aren't really paying any attention to your stringing. You want it to be varied and not a direct pattern. Just knot your end, add some beads or a pom or a couple poms and then a bead and a homemade pom and so on until you reach the almost-end. 
 Loop the end and knot and you are ready to hang it all up. It will be a bit heavier than you thought it would be but you will probably be most pleased and develop a slight addiction to making pom-poms and more garlands. I know I did...
Here is another one I made for a birthday gift for one of the sisters-a-go-go. I went with purples and blues for her...see how customizable these garlands can be? Pony beads work great and the little jeweled beads at a bit of pretty to the whole thing. A darning needle will work just fine and easily pierce the pom-poms. The pony beads I used for the top garland glow in the dark which I had no idea until I went to bed that night. Have fun and get to wrapping that yarn!


  1. Love love love this garland and its something ive been wanting to make a while so may have to after seeing yours!

  2. always love the garlands...still have a christmas one hanging around... those pompoms, though, my mom taught us how to make them when we were kids and she must have had enough to span the house before we tired of making them! good times for sure......