Wednesday, April 24, 2013

diy dillydilly: make a painted pom garland

This super easy pom garland packs a neon punch! All you need is a handful of white pom-poms, an eye-dropper, large eyed needle, thread, and neon acrylic paints (though liquid watercolors would probably work as well). 
I set out a sheet of wax paper and tossed a handful of poms onto it. I then filled my small paint palette with a squirt or two of neon paints then added an eye-dropperful of water and gave them a little swirl. The water is to water down the thick acrylic paint.
Give each pom a squirt or two of color and keep adding until the splatter makes you happy. The poms need a long time to dry though so make sure you begin the day before if you want to use your garland for something special.
String together on doubled-up thread or embroidery floss and hang in place that could use a little happy. My extra poms were added to my beaded pom-pom garland. Enjoy!

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