Monday, April 29, 2013

the week in review: april 22-28

Last week was a doozy of craftiness, good eats and visits. There were robot wars, library reads, and many rounds of colorku. I whipped up a batch of my famous sweet potato samosas for family dinner night while the mister gave us all a uke lesson on rhythm and strumming. There was a smidge of replanting and gardening, a smidge of earth day craftiness, and a smidge of thrifting. To cap it all off, the ladies a-go-go headed out for a benefit tea where we got utterly stuffed on tiny sandwiches and brownies. This week will involve a camping trip (as long as this sore throat goes away) and/or lazy days...either way I'm looking forward to it! Happy almost May!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

diy dillydilly: make a painted pom garland

This super easy pom garland packs a neon punch! All you need is a handful of white pom-poms, an eye-dropper, large eyed needle, thread, and neon acrylic paints (though liquid watercolors would probably work as well). 
I set out a sheet of wax paper and tossed a handful of poms onto it. I then filled my small paint palette with a squirt or two of neon paints then added an eye-dropperful of water and gave them a little swirl. The water is to water down the thick acrylic paint.
Give each pom a squirt or two of color and keep adding until the splatter makes you happy. The poms need a long time to dry though so make sure you begin the day before if you want to use your garland for something special.
String together on doubled-up thread or embroidery floss and hang in place that could use a little happy. My extra poms were added to my beaded pom-pom garland. Enjoy!

Monday, April 22, 2013

the week in review: april 15-21

Most of the week was spent at work or in a brain cloud. Truly, I can't really think much on the week. I had a photoshoot on Tuesday that was fun and I did more laundry than usual and lots of folding and moving crafty piles from one corner of the tiny casa to the other. As far as craftiness goes I stitched up a cloud garland that had been floating around the noggin for a few years now as well as pulled out the micro tins for some Earth Day projects. I also prepped some cuttings from my succulents to plant into said micro tins...I'm trying to work through my crafty idea lists from 2010 and on. There are simply too many things I want to make and I need to use up my stash before it eats me and the mister.

If we go clockwise from the top left there you will see the cloud garland and then a super yummy accidental lunch of samosa filling turned quesa-less quesadilla. Over the weekend it felt like summer and so I pulled out the popsicle maker and whipped up a batch of french soda pops. Mmmmmm. The leftover pom-poms got a super trim and the mister, mama a-go-go, and I enjoyed a lunch date in Los Osos. Tiny grafted cacti were obtained and I set up some sunflower seeds to sprout.

With the heat came a much needed affair with a chocolate malt, and more happy plants to pot up for the porch. There was a lot of yarn wrapping, and two houseplants were adopted so that I can begin my natural air purifier project. Now all I need are more plants and oodles of pots.

I managed three outfit photos this week and two of them included my favorite pair of too-big-for-me patched up jeans. The other focused on a skirt as I felt a need to take my new pair of pettipants out for a spin. I'm practicing to be an old fogey. I think I will be really good at it. Oh yeah, I also managed to wear flowers in my hair and NOT feel like a super dork. True, only the mister and the local porch lizard witnessed them and of course now you...

This week will be more of the same but hopefully more productive. I have so many piles of crafty bits to weed through. I'm tried of looking at them and knocking them over. Happy almost May!

Saturday, April 20, 2013



I do believe I danced  jig when I came upon this rooster head at the thrift sometime back in the fall. I already have a duck and I have seen the cows and the pigs and oh lordy, if I ever found a goat I think I would plotz...Sadly, mister rooster only had one eye and when the mister asked me why on earth I would bother with a one-eyed rooster I batted by greenish blues and simply said "It's a rooster"! He rolled his eyes and I then told him I was going to make it an eye-patch and after many months of me NOT making an eye-patch for it, this morning found the mister puttering about mumbling to himself something along the lines of marrying some kind of nincompoop as he pulled out black paper and snippety-snipped a tiny eye-patch for my one-eyed rooster noggin (complete with itty bitty skull and crossbones). a-go-go really is the bees fact he is off painting a shelf I picked up even though it is a balmy 85 degrees out. I hope I don't take him away from his own crafty work but sometimes a girl simply needs a shelf painted.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

color me happy

I've been playing with creating color palettes from favorite photos. It's a bit of a time suck as I get caught up in it and want to do another one and another one and another here is a smidge of happy to chase away my allergies blues...which combo is your favorite?

Monday, April 15, 2013

the week in review: april 7-14

 Another week spent with the usual suspects...allergies, work, allergies, and a little crafting. The coughing has been driving me bonkers and my allergies have left me feeling dazed and confused. It ain't all bad though...just annoying. Though if you had asked me Friday night I would have a different answer. Friday night was awful in the realm of allergies. Simply awful and it left me so very tired on Saturday I had to cancel my other plans. On the plus side, I got to couch potato-it on the sofa and read an entire cheesy romance that I re-found utterly delightful.

The weather has warmed up for the most part so we have been enjoying a lot of smoothies and fruit. The water table at school was filled with a lot of water and the flowers in the sister a-go-go's garden have been popping up all over. I did the thrilling exercise of dying rice and photographed a bunch of the mister's musical instruments. Etsy packages were both sent and received and a teeny bit of stash crafting happened in a fit of desperate crafting. In between it all there were more moments of normalcy and not so normalcy. We watched flicks on the computer, this one, this one, and this one and we enjoyed a guffaw or two from this guy and oh yeah, I beat the mister at feats of strength (you probably don't want to know!)

This is how my weeks usually go. Nothing fancy, just puttering about the casa, puttering about the preschool and maybe an errand or two or a hike thrown in for good measure but it seems my hiking days may be over for each time I venture out I end up on the floor in a coughing fit from allergies. Drats!

This week is full of the same though hopefully I won't have a repeat of last Friday night. Acck! Happy April!

Friday, April 12, 2013

make a beaded pom-pom garland

 Not really a photo diy but I think you'll get the gist of it. I've been on a pom-pom kick lately. I have a small pile of yarn but completely lack any fiber arts skills so I mostly use the yarn for gift wrapping. Over the spring break, the nephew and I were watching this episode of Doctor Who when I spotted a nifty garland hanging in the children's room. It reminded me of the elephant garlands that Cost Plus carries and how I keep meaning to make my own version and even have all the fabric sitting here, cut and ironed and waiting for me to DO something with it already. I had planned on doing a Valentine's Day version (see how long my piles hang around) and well...that did not happen...not yet at least.
The end of the month was fast approaching and I still had not thought of what I wanted to make for the april bed. The garland was perfect and so I set to work making pom-poms. I do not have a fancy pom-pom maker nor do I have the energy to make one from cardboard. I had a glimmer of a memory of my mamos teaching me how to make them using just my hands and so I did a quick internet search to refresh my memory and discovered this nifty video by Ez of Creature Comforts and I think I have linked up to it before. I prepped my supplies and popped 'em onto a large tray and worked on turning out pom-poms whilst watching various programs on the computer.
After I had a happy pile, I gathered up some embroidery floss, a large eyed needle, and a pile of smaller store bought pom-poms. Oh wait...that isn't true, I forgot I had had another idea for the bed and did some neon paint splattering to a pile of white pom-poms a few weeks earlier. I gathered those up along with the other store bought poms and did a rifle through my metal drawers to see if I could wrestle up some more beads.
Back to the sofa to work on stringing it all together. The best way to do this is while watching a program or movie so that you aren't really paying any attention to your stringing. You want it to be varied and not a direct pattern. Just knot your end, add some beads or a pom or a couple poms and then a bead and a homemade pom and so on until you reach the almost-end. 
 Loop the end and knot and you are ready to hang it all up. It will be a bit heavier than you thought it would be but you will probably be most pleased and develop a slight addiction to making pom-poms and more garlands. I know I did...
Here is another one I made for a birthday gift for one of the sisters-a-go-go. I went with purples and blues for her...see how customizable these garlands can be? Pony beads work great and the little jeweled beads at a bit of pretty to the whole thing. A darning needle will work just fine and easily pierce the pom-poms. The pony beads I used for the top garland glow in the dark which I had no idea until I went to bed that night. Have fun and get to wrapping that yarn!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I was torn from slumber this morning by an asthma attack that took four hits of my fast acting inhaler and thirty minutes of panic before it subsided. It left a stitch in my left side and a whopper of a headache on my right. I once read that the best way to get through an asthma attack was to eschew meds and to keep calm. I'm not sure the person who wrote the article has ever had an asthma attack. There is nothing calm about one. Nothing. The only good thing about the attack was that it got me up early enough to take my new thyroid dose so that I can eat before work.

I did manage to fall asleep for another hour before it was time to get up, neti the nose, drink something hot, eat something protein-full and generally feel like one of the living.

Oof! I'm falling apart. Thank goodness for orange flats that even though the toes are now all scuffity-scuffed they still make me smile.

A few people have mentioned that they would like to listen to the mister's ukes. Here is a video on flickr and then the same one or two on youtube. Enjoy.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

mr. a-go-go makes music

 Have I gotten all mooney-eyed gaga over the mister's ukuleles yet? He builds them out of cookie tins we scavenge from the thrift outlet. They truly sound tremendous and are super pretty to boot! We will be showing them and doing a little music demo at the San Luis Obispo Mini Maker Faire this May. If yer around town come on by, say howdy and we'll teach you how to play Cletus the Slack Jawed Yokel.

Monday, April 08, 2013

the week in review: april 1-7

 While the week began slowly (it kinda involved mostly work, a little sick and then THE DENTIST) it ended with a bang full of flowers and fog. I switched my work schedule around to accommodate the dental appointment for which I would be on a happy pill so Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday involved hanging out with kiddos, getting paint and glue all over me, and a mysterious bout of nausea that had me oh-so-slowly driving myself home from work early. Still haven't figured out what was up with that unless it was the counter top oatmeal that sat for a smidge too long or maybe the super high dose of Vitamin C I swallowed moments before leaving for work (I think the C was the culprit and also, oh my mawd! It took me forever to spell vitamin, sheesh!).

Thursday I took a leetle blue pill and headed off to the dentist to get my fillings replaced. I have very little memory of the whole thing save for the seemingly hours-long injection of novocaine, my sad attempts at drinking some water to get rid of the bad taste of the putty stuff they use to make molds of your teeth,  and the dentist telling me to bite, bite, bite but me not responding until he demonstrated with teeth clicking sounds. I'm telling you it was hilarious and that in and of itself is a reason why I never did drugs. The sister-a-go-go dropped me off and picked me up and I crashed on the sofa at the homestead and slept for five hours. I woke up to a sore face and McDonald's cheeseburgers which happen to be my food of choice after a dental procedure. Please don't hold it against me. 

Friday I was still all floopy from the leetle blue pill and so slept and read and read and slept and enjoyed more cheeseburgers. By Saturday I was more clear headed and ready to play with bubbles. mr. a-go-go and I headed out for a brunch and bubbles date. The small group of us were far too enchanted for bubbles, really, it was a blast! We mixed up our own concoction and tied yarn to bamboo and got to figuring it all out along to the dulcet tunes of peacocks during mating season. For reals! Worn out from the sun and bubble making we came home and nappity-napped.

The week came to a close with an up before sunrise drive out to look for wildflowers. The season was short this year and it appears the cows chewed their way through what remained but we still enjoyed a five hour excursion that involved fog, flowers, insects, moss, cows, and breakfast burritos (shhh, don't tell the cows). In between all that I made pom-poms, the bed, tea, lunches, and dinner. How was your week?

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

wip-ing it up

 The wind has been blowing mini pollen storms throughout town and so after work at the school, I hightail it home to wash the pollen out of my hair and such, and do my best to keep myself as healthy as possible, considering. I've taken to drinking hot water. Just hot water. In a chicken mug. Or an owl mug. Hot water is kind of boring but when it hits yer sad and sorry allergy ridden throat and you are face to face with a happy chicken or an owl, it doesn't seem all that bad. Especially when you stop to think how lucky you are that you can actually drink hot water. Or you know...have access to it. between misplacing my mugs of hot water (which then quickly become not-so-hot water) I have been wrapping yarn around my fingers and painting pom-poms and misplacing darning needles left and right.
I'm getting the darn bed made and someday soon I will finish it and remember to take pictures before the light fadey-fades fades away. For now I wrap, and paint and try not to think about the two crowns that I will be getting to replace some retiring fillings....I fear Thursday will be a day I get nothing done. Wish me luck!

Monday, April 01, 2013

week in reviewing it

Happy Monday! I've decided that I need to hop back on the week in review horse. When I did the week in review it acted as a tiny tool for keeping a diary of sorts as without a plan I tend to let things blow away so in an attempt to return to my blogging roots I'm tossing the week in review back into the mix. 

Last week involved a lot of crafting. There were eggs and eggy things, and a couple of garlands, and yarny bits in the mix. I'm still dating the bad boyfriend otherwise known as allergies so there also was a lot of tea drinking, and hot water drinking, and more cough-cough-coughing than I like. I am really not a fan of coughing. Sheesh!

I had the week off from work and so thoroughly enjoyed a pajama day or two and pom-pom making and baking and reading. I am now laptop-less which changes how I putter around the tiny casa. I did not watch much of the Netflix or listen to itunes even...I just snipped and stitched and painted and photographed amongst much mumbling to myself. 

On Easter we not only enjoyed an egg hunt and dinner but we also celebrated two birthdays (the OG sister-ago-go and the sister a-go-go both share this day) and while my sister-sister is far far away I hope she felt the spirit of our celebration as she was thought of many times over. I wish you could have been here, the sky was so blue, the robins were out, and the dart guns were kept busy as foam ammo flew every-which-way. Happy day-after-your birthday sis, I adore you! 

This week I am back at work and have much to clean up in the tiny casa. I also have a none-too-thrilling dental appointment approaching and woe me and my tiny jaw. Here's to hoping the "sedation" they give me works just long enough to get me through the procedure but doesn't stay too long as the weekend is full of plans. Wish me luck, send good vibes, and I'll catch ya later!