Friday, March 15, 2013

the march bed

Okay, here it finally! The march bed! I am so happy I managed to get that darn newspaper flower done. My orignal plan was an utter failure but when life gives me lemons I get to making lemonade. Wheee! 
And I filled it out with tons o' green! Green! Green! Green! What do ya that a lady or a man up there? 
mister and I have turned off our internet for awhile as the cost was slightly prohibitive. If all goes well, we'll be up and running sometime next week and I'll be piggybacking on the wifi at the homestead. Happy St. Patrick's Day! I have discovered that I only own two green things to wear other than socks. I have quite a few pairs of green socks) so I need to whip up something along the lines of this, reinspired by this


  1. LOVE love love the purple newspaper flower!

  2. You change your bed every month? I love that so much!!!!! That's really inspiring me to change up our room more!
    Thanks so much for visiting squirrelly minds <3 Already looking forward to April's bed!