Tuesday, March 05, 2013

scenes from the weekend: the drive down

Mister and I traveled down to Los Angeles to visit with friends, eat our way through L.A. and celebrate our anniversary (ten years together, eight years hitched) by jumping at our fountain. It was a whirlwind of a weekend that began with a stop at the Pismo Butterfly Grove...

It was the end of the season and so we missed out on the clusters but we did get to see an abundance of butterflies flitting around us as if we were in a Disney cartoon. I could have spent much longer there but the eucalyptus was in bloom and I am just now enjoying an allergy-free 2013 and did not want to jinx it. 

We also saw a hummingbird nest with help from a docent. I love me some hummingbirds and butterflies.

Get a room! I plan on viewing some clusters when they return.

We hit the San Fernando Valley for a late lunch at a new favorite pho place and then we hit up 99 Ranch Market for more tea than any two people can drink.

After a few more errands that might have included a thrift store meander (I scored a pile of picture books) mister and I arrived at my brother's and unloaded the car before hitting up Pie 'N Burger with a favorite L.A. friend. While we did not partake of pie...still quite full of pho...we did enjoy good company and crazy-good burgers. Still stuffed just thinking about it! 

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  1. i love that pho place! so cheap and good!! As for tea, lol you should of came tp me :) i got several!