Friday, March 08, 2013

scenes from the weekend: at my brother's house

How I love my brother's house. Every book and cranny has something to look at and no matter how often I have alreay seen it, I need to gawk and wonder all over again. 

It has been a year since he was in the hospital and we were uncertain if he would pull through. I am most ecstatic to say that he has and then some! 

This family rarely lacks in the creativity department. Or our fondness for color and um...things.

I suppose I should stop shaking my head at my friends who like to wander and gawk at the colorful bits of the tiny casa. I think I know how they feel.

And please don't ask how we dust...

Other than running around capturing my favorite things about my brother's house, Stacey and I had our waaaaay after the holidays holiday meet up where we unwrapped happy gifts (a rubber chicken purse! pikaki oil! Pretty wooden utensils! Skully scarf!) and cooed over each other. After the gift exchange we hit up The Little Flower Candy Co. for a breakfast nosh that included coffee, fizzy citrus drinks, and a few shared sweets (seriously, not all that many). We were so very, very stuffed that neither one of us ate again that day and we were finished with noshing before noon even! After the nosh did a smidge-o shopping and then it was time for her to pick up the kiddos and for me to hit up Europane to meet my oldest and dearest. It was 3pm and I was still so very, very stuffed that I actually passed up the chocolate salted macorn that I crave up here in SLO. I settled for more fizzy lemonade and an iced berry tea. How nice it was to squeeze favorite people! You all need to visit me up north! 

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  1. Your brothers house is so like my dream casa. I love the kitchy eclectic busyness of it all. I remember reading about your brother last year and praying that he would have the strength to pull through. Glad to know he is doing well and still creating his marvelous wonders.