Friday, March 08, 2013

scenes from the weekend: after we jumped

After we jumped, we all hit up a favorite breakfast spot for some yummy eats and conversation. French toast was served, monkey bread was discovered and coffee was consumed. 

When it was time for the girl-o to hit gymnastics, we hugged and smooched and smooched and hugged and bid adieu until next time which is never soon enough. 

mr. a-go-go and I then swooped in on a favorite person to take the maway for banh mi and ice cream and perhaps a thrift store or two. Before we headed out, I sneaky sneaky took some photos as our favorite people tend to have lovely aesthetics. Then the mister scolded me and asked me if I asked pernission and so I then aked and snapped some more photos a little less sneakily.

We hit up three thrift stores and it seems only I scored though the mister did find some nifty neckties for  his cookie tin ukes. I found a vintage sheet with matching pillowcase, a handful of tunics, one sadly too-small skirt, a dress and a pair of cropped pants that maybe can be described as jeggings only they really are not. They aren't!

When it was time for food, we hightailed it to our favorite banh mi place for a trio of sandwiches and had a picnic in the park. Yay for thrifted sheets that stand in as picnic blankets! After the picnic (the sandwiches were SO GOOD!) we enjoyed a couple of scoops from Fosselman's and then called it a day. 


  1. Anonymous11:34 AM

    What a lovely week-end! Which park did you go to? We've discovered Ba Le since one of your earlier posts and go there very occasionally. (occasionally only because it's so far away, we love their sandwiches). We usually end up eating them in the car because by the time we get them home they're soggy. A nearby park would be perfect.

    1. Hi Carol! We go to Alhambra park which is really close to Fosselman's...It's off W. Alhambra Ave, North of Main St. and West of Fosselman's. It's a big park but it is nice. We stay on the side away from the pool and where the birthday parties are. I hope you get a chance to do a banh mi picnic will be serenaded by wild parrots and quite possibly mugged by squirrels!