Tuesday, March 12, 2013

march is running away from me...

I can't believe March is almost half way over. I want to say it has been busy but really, it has not, at least not more busy than usual. We spent the first weekend in Los Angeles doing our anniversary thing and this past weekend was spent with me nursing some sort of ambiguous sick. Allergies? Cold? Sore throat? Virus? Who know...I'm just a snurflupagus (a new breed mind you). I have been drinking so much tea, I ran out of hoeny and so we trekked to the farmer's market for some local honey and I snapped some photos of pretty farmer's fare.

On Sunday I woke up thnking I was all better and so dragged the family out or a wander and a hunt for mushrooms. We saw all of two mushrooms and a banana slug but the day was so glorious it was good to get out. Though my lungs might disagree as now I am cough, cough, coughing away with a wheeze thrown in for good measure. Darn me and my sorry immune system. I suppose it could be worse so let me knock on some wood that I even though I might need my very own bubble helmet, I am fo the most part able to walk and mostly breathe all on my own. Knock, knock, knockity, knock.

The March bed got all prettified before we left for L.A. save for the artwork and well I still haven't got around to finishing what I had planned and all I have now is a sloppy-sometimes-made-up bed with a thriftstore painting of a green lady that mister thinks is actually a man propped up on the headboard. Maybe I will be breathing enough to get something up, if not I'll pile on a pile of all things green and take a photo this weekend in honor of St. Patrick's Day. Yikes! Thinking of St. Patrick's Day has me looking at my long list of crafty things and DIYS I wanted to make for you that have, of course, NOT been attempted. Here's hoping to better health and all things green (an ombre-type garland east enough for kiddos to make), rainbowish (cereal topped cupcakes)  and slightly boozey (I'm thinking milkshakes!) I guess I spent too much time spying on the robins hanging out on the back lawn.

At least I did get a bundle of garlands mailed out along with some etsy sales, phew! Happy March! 


  1. I wish you lived around the corner from me - i know a great homeopath that I'm sure would sort out your snuffles!or give it a good go anyway...hope you feel back on track soon. Love the photos of the glorious weather you are having...it may well snow again here today!!

  2. That bird photo is fantastic! I love farmers markets for finding local honey and other tasty gems! x