Wednesday, March 13, 2013

inspired by andie: a pretty in pink tribute

pretty in pink 1

I was quite excited...maybe a tad too much, to have discovered Pretty in Pink on Netflix streaming. How could I not be? Pretty in Pink's Andie has been a major force in my fashion aesthetic. I was 15 when I first saw it at our local theater (which we walked to in our pointy toed flats or grannie boots) and was immediately smitten with Duckie (of course), lusted after both Andie's and Iona's wardrobes and so wished for a Volkswagen Karmann Ghia (chartreuse with aqua trim) that I took to sketching out outfits full of vintage floral goodness with a touch of leather studs. Oh how I wish I still had those sketches! I also thought Blane was a hoser and Andie a bit as well based on her treatment of Duckie and yet, I totally get it after watching it now as an adult. John Hughes truly was a teen movie genius. The "films" that come out now don't really seem to touch the frontlines of being in highschool like Hughe's films did. It might explain a lot but my memories of teendom are still fairly strong in my mind. I'm not sure we ever leave those feelings behind and I still feel like a confused wallflower trying to figure out who she is.
But back to my movie lurve. Andie's style (thank you Marilyn Vance!) not only spoke to me, it sang to me and so I filled my closet (well, acutally the floor of my bedroom) with all things vintage. What began with a little lace, floral and denim soon morphed into a lot of print, pattern, more lace, and more denim. I also became a fan of hats and bangles and tights...oh the tights I had! While I am currently in a fashion slump, I still collect images of what I would wear if I felt I could pull it off and have a very full pinterest board to show it. Someday...little by little, piece by piece I will get there. For now, here is my take on my favorite outfit from the movie and no, I was so not a fan of the prom dress (though I did like the sleeveless turtleneck, I though that was quite mod).


  1. ha! I was just telling my niece that 80s moves were absolutely the BEST. I loved Pretty In Pink, The Breakfast Club, The Goonies! lol...

  2. My daughter and I were just talking about this movie and how we hated the made over Prom dress, agreed she should have worn one or the other but not made that monstrosity. I remember my girl friends and I at Movieola (our little home town movie theater) unanimously stating YUCK!!! You know the dress was a failure as it didn't start any fashion trends. Her outfits on the other hand were divine and had most of us scouring any thrift store in our small towns and a few neighboring ones as well as the big city. As luck would have it, I had a massive love for vintage that had been cultivated by an older cousin who had the most to-die-for vintage wardrobe she had been collecting during her travels as a model. She gifted an alarming amount of clothes to me and I wore them with pride. I wish I had a few of those gorgeous dresses to this day. I thank God for Pretty in Pink and the fashion education it provided me. I believe that is why I still dress in a boho style and scour thrift stores every chance I get to score another lovely piece to layer in my closet.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane.


  3. Anonymous8:27 PM

    this made me smile. who doesn't love andie? great post. just discovered your blog. it's so great.