Thursday, March 14, 2013

i once spied...

A dapper man of a certain age cruising the produce aisle at my local market. He danced about with an air of forced nonchalance which had me eyeing him at the get go. His companion (wife? sister? girlfriend?) hummed to herself as she floated the shopping cart around the perimeter of the produce section completely oblivious to his dapper snacking. I watched as he plopped a strawberry into his mouth, tossed in a handful of grapes, sampled an apple of all things and even twirled a mushroom or two. I stopped my cart to watch with a smile on my face and found him watching me back, with a wink (yes a wink!) and a tip of his straw hat (I told he was dapper), he hooked his thumbs at the side of his pink and blue plaid vest and shuffle stepped away.

Then I laughed out loud when he snaked a tangerine from a display and tossed it up in the air, catching it in his worn hands that must have held a gentle heart or two at one time or another. Oh the things we can see if we only stop to look.


  1. Love it! Ah, to make even grocery shopping a moment to cherish and enjoy.

  2. I wish I had people like that in my life. so much fun!