Thursday, February 21, 2013


Just a peek, a small smidge. I'm coming out of an allergy induced fog thanks to a much needed and stupidly difficult-to-get round of steroids. This whole year so far has been a muddle of muddledness and I am so very grateful to the doc at the urgent care who listened to me and handed over the prescription along with a trio of prescribed lollipops (not so grateful for the insenstive guy who barely listened and told me how mesed up I was). Man, I tell ya, my health this 2013 is in a sad state. Not overwhelmingly sad but unhappy none the less and well, I'm choosing to have a birthday week, not a pity party and so I embrace this clear patch through the fog and relish the productivity. This week has been a good one, the first one this year. Let's hope it is but the beginning...yay for meds and lollipops...and wips that become actual projects. Yay for hot tea that I can actually taste, and giveaways, and birthday weeks. Yay for new haircuts, outlooks, and lipsticks...yay for YAY! 

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  1. Happy Birthday, Jek! I hope you had a great day!