Friday, January 04, 2013

the kitchen cart, the craft cart, and the army of ants...

It's only the 4th day of the new year and already I feel behind. I am sort of without camera right now. The everyday kit lens that came with my new Rebel was acting all cranky and so it is being worked on at Canon so for now, my camera is stuck with the long lens until the everyday lens returns. I hope it is soon, it isn't easy taking wip shots and project shots in this tiny casa. I have to stand at the far end of the living room to photograph anything o nthe table and there is simply too much clutter in the way to take a decent photo. It's fun clutter, hanging-on-the-walls know, random things taped to the wall with washi tape or paper lanterns hanging fro mthe ceiling dangling every-which-way. I'm also a smidge on the sick-ish side. I either have allergies or another sinus infection. Oof. It's not too bad, I've lost my sniffer again and I'm super wheezy but not too clogged up.

This year is going to be the year I grow up (ahem) and get organized. I'm reorganizing the kitchen and craft reorganizing I mean there is a HUGE pile o' partially finished craft projects from 2011 & 2012 heaped on the living room floor. The kitchen cart however is organized as is the "silverware" drawer that now holds utensils and vitamins (hey, it works) which now frees up a shelf in the above cabinet for tea without having said tea fall on your head. The kitchen cart used to be my craft cart but now that it seems we share this space with an army of ants we've had to rethink how we organize the tiny kitchen. Anything that makes ants happy, no matter how sealed it is; is now aranged on the cart. We are seriously thinking of adding tanglefoot above the wheels of the cart to keep those pesky buggers away from the honey, sugar and peanut butter. Man, who knew ants could get all bacchanalianon peanut butter?  Sure we could put traps out but we prefer not to. An ant here or there doesn't trouble us, it's just when they hold a rave in the butter dish or invade the cupcake sprinkles that we get a bit skeezed out. It seems we are never able to purge the party as a few drunkards manage to stumble around long enough to attract the next crowd. Our plan of attack now involves keeping temptation away. Crossing fingers this works.

There is a pile of scavenged boxes made of wood on the kitchen table waiting for the mister to add hardware to the back so I can add them to the wall of wonder. It drives mr. a-go-go a bit batty that I bring home these raggedy bits to use as shelves but if that is all it tskes for me to weed through the pile of kitsch for a new shelf shindig then the mister somewhat begrudgingly complies.

So Happy New Year to a new and slightly improved tiny casa. A tiny casa that we are thinking of leaving when our lease is up. The space while better than our L.A. digs still has a lot to offer. The funny thing, what we want more than larger digs is a place to garden. I also really want a screen door so I can have the door open. Thoughts like these make us madly nostalgic for the old tiny casa. In the meantime, I will stitch up  yo-yos, cut fabric for projects, misplace the iron more times than I should admit, continue my ant purge, and weed through this pile of stuffity stuff that is heaped at my feet as I type and take a break every now and then do dance to the tinny tunes coming from the computer on the other side of the room.

And yes, that was Gun & Roses that was just playing...albeit a bit they should be...

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