Monday, January 14, 2013

the january bed

My camera lens was in repair so it took me forever to take photos of the january bed. This bed for the new year is loaded with blankets as it has been chilly here in central California. It probably doesn't help that we live in an uninsulated building with a sad wall heater. Thank goodness for a roof over our heads and lots of blankets! That nifty bedspread is a gift from Tara and it is quite dandy hanging out there with all the other bits of color. The New Year's stars were made from an empty box of cereal and that top pillowcase there is the flipside to this one made by me.


  1. I am loving all the colours of the blankets on your bed! Definitely inspiring me today! I have pinned and have already got some ideas of how to get colour into my bedroom! Thanks!

  2. oh wow that bedspread is gorgeous

  3. i love your january bed :D
    i have pinned all your beds from loast year,
    can't wait to see this year.
    you are a bright spot in my day x