Saturday, December 22, 2012

sugar and spice: holiday oatmeal cookies

aka How NOT to make spicy chocolate covered pomegranate oatmeal cookies with white chocolate chips
I wanted to share with you a most awesome cookie recipe but sadly my cookies, while amazingly gooey and sweet while hot; fizzled in texture once they cooled down. The texture dealio can be resolved with a few seconds in a microwave but who wants a cookie that is only good right after it is baked? 
I think I need to add another egg to my batter. I only used one and I think two would jazz up the overall cookie more than one could. I also perhaps should have added some baking powder. Jsut a smidge...or maybe I should use a certified recipe? But look at them..they were soooo gooey and pretty...sigh.
I also thought that these cookies would rock the chocolate covered pomegranate seeds I found at Trader Joe's back in November. They no longer have them and I think I know why. As mister puts it..."They're SEEDS! Who wants hard seeds in their cookies?" And so, the next time I make these, I will use chocolated covered cranberries. A little tart, a little sweet, a whole lot of goodness in a cookie.
That said, try these (but not as I made them)! Gather up the ingredients for your favorite oatmeal cookies and then add a happy dose of white chocolate chips and another does of chocolate covered cranberries. Up the ante even more by adding a double does of cinnamon and ginger and then...then add a teaspoon of black pepper. Yes, I wrote pepper! 
Oh but I did discover one thing from this cookie adventure...if your cookies don't flatten out while baking, underbake a smidge so that they are gooey and then SMASH 'em down with a fork...sooooo good! 

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