Tuesday, December 18, 2012

sometimetimes you just need to carry a gnome

Mister and I went to his work party last week which was a White Elephant. It was quite late in the evening before that part of the party began and it became a smidge chaotic. The very first person opened up his gift and it was a bottle of Bailey's and a pound of SLO Roasted Coffee which coincidentally I had on my list. BOTH items. I made Jeff steal it which worked out dandy as the guy ended up with Jeff's gift of some techie gadgets. The fourth person opened up the gnome and I think I bawked. My neighbor on my right who is slow becoming a friend of sorts said she brought the gnome. I really wanted the gnome. I then was handed my package which I could tell was a book, and the gnome guy had stood up to do something and so with an actual shove from the mister I stole the gnome. I could tell it was an okay thing to do since he reads the author of the book he got. His neighbor however who was not participating i n the swap was miffed I took the gnome.

She ended up being gifted one of the gifts I brought which I think is a pretty good stand in for a gnome...a ceramic bunny head.

I don't think the guy who got our finger paints appreciated them. Ah...the spirit of the white elephant. I think the young adults out there could use a little tutorial and how to gift a white elephant.

The gnome is authentically vintage and from Europe. I forgot to photograph the stamp on the bottom. It needed to be in a garden and well, we don't have one at the tiny casa and so on Sunday I put on my raincoat and walking boots, grabbed the gnome and hiked on over to the homestead where it could hang out with the pink flamingos. Yup that was me. A girl traipsing about the neighborhood with a gnome under her arm.

We baked up cookies and did some decorating and then watched a really sweet movie. Such a lovely rainy day it was.


  1. Our office had an out staff had an out and out fight the first time we did a White Elephant game. Arguing about rules, not being gracious about gifts they ended up with, general grumbliness. Never did that again...

  2. oh yes! for the first part it was employees only with fancy pants gifts from the company. people who scored crazy favorited items immediately hid them and tried not to give them up and others waited their turn so that they could swoop in and steal. it was chaotic and people got a bit kooky and mean.