Sunday, December 09, 2012

paperbag art

I just realized I never posted about the art of the month that went with the november bed. I also realized that I did not take pics along the way so I will simply talk you through it.

I used one paper bag from Trader Joe's and cut out the bottom and along one side to open it up. I then cut the large sheet into three pieces of varying widths. 
Next, I used a straight edge to create a series of slits along the length of each strip of paper. Some of the slits traveled the entire length while others did not. I had no specific plan and just cut away.

I keep all my paper scraps in two vintage suitcases and so I dug one of the cases out of the lcoset and rifled through it for some paper scraps in happy colors. Those scraps were cut itno strips about an inch or so wide and piled together into a smile.
I then hunkered down on the living room floor and began weaving my scraps in and out of the slits I cut into the paper bags. Again, with no plan other than to make something. Once I finished, I flipped over each panel and got kooky with the masking tape and taped all my paper strips into place. 

A few loops of tape on the back and a couple of happy washi pieces at the outside corners and ta-da! Easy peasy paperbag art for the november bed

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