Friday, December 28, 2012

caught in freeze-frame

I have almost twenty days off from work and already it feels as if the time is half-way gone. As always there are plans but my brain seems to prefer to huddle under thrifted blankets on the sofa. We've had rain off and on and so the light is waning and with it goes my productivity.

It hasn't been all lazy-laziness. I have vacuumed up more ants than you would want to see in one place. I also took the holiday decorations down and hit the post office to mail some etsy sales. In regards to those darn ants it seems they are a bit booze happy as I just discovered a new party of them hanging out with the creme de cacao. Oy!

I have now since lost the thought I was going to write about so I leave you with some happy mossy bark because that is how I roll....

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  1. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Oh, I completely understand. School holidays go way too fast. Same with my retirement days! Time just flies by and so little seems to get accomplished.

    Today Terry & I did a late breakfast at favorite restaurant that is closing up shop after today. Then we dilly-dallied around Office Max where I found Duck tape by the sheet and tried to figure out how I could justify buying a sheet in every color. Wandered through the grocery store, getting more things than we stopped for. Came home and did two loads of laundry. Now, I should be out raking leaves, but it's cold and again overcast so think it best to stay indoors for now. The leaves can wait until another day.