Sunday, November 25, 2012

time for tiny trees {a slight misadventure}

I am a big fan of making stone towers. Anytime we're out in the great wide world and I find myself around a rock-opolis I tend to tower them up. A few weekes ago I thought how cool would it be to make a tiny stone tower tree? 

And so I did...

With much failure...
Turns out there are a bunch of things one should do to make smooth stones ready for sticky-glue, otherwise it simply pops right off!  So before you do this, make sure to wash your stones in warm soapy water. Next, place stones in a warm oven while you wait for your hot melt glue to heat up unless the air in your home is super warm already, the cool surface of the stones kept my glue from sticking until I heated them up. A good sanding to rough up the surface will help as well. Mister thinks a silicone glue might be better but all we had was hot melt so that is what I used.

I wonder how the stones would look if given a dye bath? Perhaps an ombre effect? I might try that! Have fun! 

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  1. When we made rock towers we used a silicone-based adhesive--I think it was caulk. They stuck, but it was hard to squeeze out the right amount and not wind up with giant squeezy blobs of the stuff oozing out from in between the rocks.


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