Thursday, November 15, 2012


We had a frost the other night. After days and days of summer weather we had a frost. Cooler temps mean a cooler casa and even though that means I have to sweater up or huddle under a blanket to keep warm I feel so very grateful and thankful that the mister and I have this tiny casa in this tiny town to huddle in.

I feel thankful that we manage to unwrap ourselves from the ideals that to be successful you need to own a home that one should have space larger than what we have and a job that defines you.

Small paychecks be damned. Crooked casa be damned. Insecurities be damned. I write that we unwrap ourselves but we only do so half way. Some days we cannot even manage a thread but most of the time, when the sky is blue and bright and the hills reflect that magical fall light, when the perfect song comes up to play and we find ourselves lost in a fit of laughter we let go of what we wish we had and thank our lucky stars for what we do...