Saturday, November 03, 2012

sweet november: a simple fall ensemble

sweet november

This is what I would wear given the chance on a perfect fall day. I can sort of pull this look off now but my jeans are a bit more slouchy-loosey and my sweater is not nearly as nifty. My scarf is grey, my coat green and my bag could be grey or yellow. The shoes are a bit of a dream but I do have a pair that would work sort of. All in all I would wear this for any type of wander that did not include going up a muddy mountain or across an icy cold stream. Let's say this is perfect for breakfast or lunch and delightful for a visit to the apple farm or pier or perhaps one of Tara's picnics, what is your favorite go to ensemble for November?


  1. I'm DYING for those shoes & that coat! Lovely ensemble...

  2. I like warm boots, jeans, and a wool sweater in either orange or grey. Then a purple scarf (made by my mom) and fingerless gloves. The bag depends on what-all I'm carrying that day.

  3. looks so comfy.
    love that coat!!