Thursday, November 01, 2012

sweet november: hello fall

Hello friends, Happy November! Here in the western United States we are just beginning to see signs of my most favorite season of all. We've had some kooky temps, mornings as low as 45 and highs in the 80s but still, that magical light is sneaking in and the clocks will be turned back and fall will definitely come for a visit.

It's been two years since Tara and I brought you our tribute to fall with Sweet, Sweet November and we thought it was high time we share another batch of fall goodness. From color combos and inspiration to pretty diys and tasty recipes we will share a full week's worth of goodness with a pretty giveaway mixed in to keep it kicky.
For color this year, I'm drawn to the usual suspects orange, brown, with maybe a touch of teal and/or purple. Here's a happy peek at what is to come this week...
Today, Tara is sharing some of her favorite things, I'm going to share with you some of my favorite fall music. When the sky appears more grey than blue and there is a hint of moisture in the air, when the wind kicks it up a notch and the melody of the leaves scattering chimes through the open window, it is time for me to play my fall music. Fall music for me is less about the lyrics and titles and more about the memories of being wrapped up in a vintage quilt full of softness and threadbare bits as I would sit on our lumpy secondhand sofa and watch the rain fall through our picture window. The house would be lit by a candle or two and my mother's music would play on the record player that took a long time to warm up. So when fall hits in a-go-goland, on comes the tunes of Harry Chapin, Cat Stevens and Paul Simon along with a few more I have added through the years. The playlist is quite long so I created a mini version for you to listen to if you like.

What are some of your favorite tunes for Fall? I would love to listen to something new. Don't forget to pop on in to the pink couch to see what Tara has to share. Thank you for hanging out, tomorrow I've got a nifty breakfast recipe for you.


  1. I love your 'sweet november' tribute to fall! I am happily following along! You & Tara inspired me to make my own favorite fall color assemblage, I listened to your tunes yesterday while blogging & I'm so ready to mix up some pumpkin spice & go on a picnic!