Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Mister went down to L.A. over hte weekend leaving me solo. I had of course, grand plans for my girlie days for crafting, cleaning and baking but then the sick settled in and all I did was wallow on the sofa under a pile of blankets watching Glee and Doctor Who and the rain outside the tiny casa.
On Sunday it finally stopped raining and the light was really pretty. I opened the front door to take in some fresh air and check on my plants when I noticed the entire lawn criss-crossed with the gossamer evidence of spider webs. I tried. I really tried to capture it with the camera.

I sat on the wet stoop and took it all in.

That's just how I roll (raon soaked pjs and all).

We're heading out of town for Thanksgiving to spend time in the land of giants, may all of you have a most sincere and warmth-filled weekend!

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