Tuesday, November 20, 2012

gifties goodness for the hiking girl

gifties goodness for the hiking girl

Here is my go to wish list for items I use and/or want for our many mini adventures. Now, I  am not a serious hiker. Nope, not me. I am in fact a bit of a wandering lazy hiker who may or may not be prone to whininess when the wheeze kicks in or the hills get too steep. This odd assortment of goodies helps me get through it all. If you are just starting out or have a friend or two who are prone to the wander any or all of these items would be well received (within reason of course).

My very first pick up there is that pink thing. See that pink thing? That is a pstyle and is every girl's best friend for hiking, campingm outdoor events and/or any place that is prone to sporting a port-o-potty or two. Seriously, the pstyle is my saving grace for doing the deed when I need to most with nary a rest stop in site. You can read more about the pstyle here and here.

Next up is a good pair of socks. I am wishing for some smartwool socks for myself. Mister swears by his and so it is about time I get my own pair and so should you. Along with a good pair of socks, every gal needs an extra pir of gloves and a warm hat to keep the chill off. The cheapie magic stretch gloves are not a bad bet for having a pair or two stashed in the car or various jacket pockets. Sure, a fancier pair of gloves will better keep your ands warm but even the slightest protection from the chill is a good thing. There are all sorts of nifty etsy sellers creating upcycled gloves and mittens. I'm kinda in love with these zombie funk mittens by madhadher and these hobo gloves from ReWoolables. As for hats, etsy is also my go to place for a handmade chapeau. Harry and the Hippie Chic have a nifty assortment in their shop. If you have a pile of wool sweaters at home, you can also try your hand at making a hat or a headband even.

Other bits such as sunscreen, lip balm and moleskin are things we tend to forget about. Sunscreen will both protect you from sunburn and keep you moisterized. Lip balm will keep yer lips from getting all chappy-chapped and moleskin will ease any blisters that decide to pop up. Diaper cream is no joke and will greatly soothe any chafing that happens on longer hikes (I speak from sad expeirence). A small tin of pastilles can help with nausea when gum is not around, a whistle can save yer life and a small first aid kit packed with ointments and such isn't too shaby either. Trail mix will keep your energy up and a water bottle will of course, when full, keep you hydrated.

And lastly, for summer hiking, a banadana is a lifesaver. Tying a wet bandana around your neck keeps you cool when it is warm out and is also a handy tool for cleaning up yer dusty face or washing dishes even if you must. This skull bandana is all kinds of cool.

So here ya go, a gift guide for the outdoorsy type full of things that will both come in handy and be quite useful. Enjoy! 

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