Sunday, October 14, 2012

squash happy

 Last weekend we hit up our favorite pumpkin farm and loaded up our wagons full of squash and such. I have vague plans for what I wish to do with my bounty but we'll see if I can actually get to it. Things are a smidge kooky here in the tiny casa. I'm working on blog posts and projects, two special November projects, house cleaning and vintage yard sale prep. Toss in actual work-work and my tendency to lose track and you can imagine the fun that is going on. Picture a multitude of half-done projects decorating the tiny floor-space of the tiny casa. Fun times.
So yes, we drove up to Chesebrough Farm to take a gander at this years' crop of pretty. mister and I picked up a wagon full of happy for under $25 and the sister a-go-go went a little grander.
I love visiting this farm. Each year the crop is surprising and each year the crop is just as delightful as can be. The folk who run the farm are super nifty and patiently answer our questions and we a-go-gos tend to ask a lot of questions.
We packed our pretty in the back of Eleanor and now I have a pretty collection. There are two luminas, a blue ballet, a warty thing and a handful of gourds. They look mighty pretty all piled together. Maybe I won't carve into them after all....


  1. ooo...i haven't been to this farm yet...we'll have to check it out!

    1. do! it's pretty close to you! ;)