Wednesday, October 31, 2012

day of the dead mask happy

 Mister made our Halloween masks out of cardboard. He formed two cylinders and then paper mach├ęd the tops. After sketching out a design plan he added eyes by cutting out sockets and layering cups so that they receded into the sockets. The plan was to later add glow sticks for pizazz (which we did). The jaws were added when we were invited to a Halloween party so that we could partake of spirits and such (with the help of a sippy cup straw, no kidding). 
Eyeholes were cut and covered from the inside with a bit of tulle. Mister's eyeholes were in his mustache while mine were in a series of squares that were originally going to be the mouth until the jaw was added. The insides of the masks were filled out with foam and more cardboard for a comfy fit. My mask utilized a ribbon tie to keep it atop my noggin. 

A couple of coats of white paint gave us a clean palette for painting and away we went. To keep the masks from looking too robot-like, mister added a hat to his and I added a pile of flowers made from party streamers and a swath of black tulle. 
 We had a blast making them and enjoyed a couple of evenings wandering about (what a trio we make with the family zombie). Now I need to figure out how to display them a I think they are the bees knees! Happy Halloween! 

day of the dead door decor

I went a wee bit old school for this project using newspaper and party streamers to create all the bits. All you ned is a large piece of foam core or cardboard, painted paper and/or party streamers, white glue, and a pencil.
Mister rescued a bunch of plastic-ish corrugated signs from the dumpster and so I drew my sugar skull on the blank side with a black sharpie, details and all. 

Mister used a blade to carefully cut out the shape while I painted a couple of sheets of newspaper with white acrylic. 

Once the paint dried, I cut the paper up into strips and then cut the strips into small squares about an inch and a half wide. I added a pile of cut crepe paper streamers as well and went to work on the details first.

Pick up a square and wrap it around the eraser end of a pencil. Dip that into a bit of white glue and press down onto your cardboard. Repeat with as many squares as needed in your chosen colors until all the details are all flashy flashy on your cardboard.
My surface was a bit slippery so I could only work in small bits to keep my squares from slipping every-which-way. I did the details first and then filled in with the newspaper. Once everything was dry, I added a wire to the back using a hefty dose of packing tape and stuck it on my door! How delightful!

day of the dead dollar store calavera

day of the dead dollar store calavera

I wish I had picked up more skulls but I only got one. All you need is a coat or two of white paint, I used acrylic, some sealer (mod podge works, seal after decorating) and some paint and sharpie fun. The flowers were added using a glue gun. Happy Halloween! 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

day of the dead: newspaper calavera garland

Things are pretty Day of the Dead here in the tiny casa. I've been working on bits and pieces here and there as my plate is a tad bit crowded these days. Here is a simple painted newspaper garland that I made not too long ago.
Paint up a large full-sized sheet of newspaper with white paint and set aside to dry. Once dry, cut out a six inch tall strip from one end to the other and accordion fold into a final piece that is about four inches across. You may need to trim any excess paper off. Draw a skull shape atop your top sheet making sure your cheek parts and part of the skull touch the edges. Carefully cut with scissor and unfold to see your magic.
 Use sharpies, paint pens and/or acrylic paint to decorate using hearts, swirls and flower shapes. Affix to your wall surface of choice with a bit of happy washi tape and you are good to party! Note, the tape may stick to your paper so make sure you want it there before affixin'. Happy almost Day of the Dead!

Monday, October 29, 2012

day of the dead bed

My October bed was/is a tribute to Dia de los Muertos. The papel picado was made from painted newspaper and the comedy/tragedy masks were painted up by me. I picked up the blank masks from our local craft store. After a coat of white paint, I added black painted details. Once that dried I used paint pens and sharpies for the rest. A hot glue gun was used to affix the flowers and a bit of thread stitched through the two helped keep them together.  Here's a little collage to show ya how I did them.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

spoons a la dia de los muertos

Goodness, what is it that makes painting up a wooden spoon so satisfying? Or...maybe that's just me? Once again I had grand plans for October. I always think I have more time but then suddenly, the month is almost over. What makes it more confounding is that I pull out all the projects in August. I should not be surprised, I am after all me. WIth any luck, maybe I'l get a jump on my Valentine's Day projects or at least...the 4th of July?

Back before the casa became a vortex of chaos due to the sale that was a bust, I had a tabletop where I could craft up some Fall fun. I am supposed to get that all cleaned up today but I have some work stuff, a staff meeting and a Halloween Extravaganza to attend tonight so mehtinks I will instead read a book. I am nothing if not good at avoiding responsibility and tidiness. Oh but I was waxing poetic on the clean that once was and so I painted up some wooden spoons to make ghostie puppets and such.
 With a little bit of sparkle and glue I also made up a trio of Day of the Dead pretties...all you need is a coat of paint, a date with some sharpies and a dance with some sequins and you're good to go!

Monday, October 22, 2012

sweet november, part 2

We're bringing it back this year! Tara and I loved hosting our week long Sweet November blog hop 2 years ago, so much so, that we've been working away on another edition! Starting next Thursday join us for over a week of Autumn inspired projects, crafty tutorials, recipes, fun ideas, photos and a couple of giveaways! Stay tuned!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

an epic bust {but pretty pictures}

 Last night I went to bed early but woke up a few hours later for a bathroom break. As I crawled back in bed I suddenly felt a bump-bump-bump and then a nice rolling rumbling sensation. My first thought was earthquake and then I thought "crap...the casa is already a disaster, I hope this isn't a big one." It wasn't thought it did make me feel carsick with all that rolling and so I settled down and quickly fell back to sleep.
I had a yard sale yesterday, hence the messy casa. My vintage yard sale was a bust. Blame it on the suddenly cool weather, a crafty show and/or a bike tour..who knows? My prices were fair and I marketed it as a vintage boutique sale not a yard sale to help get the point across. People didn't argue with the prices...they just did not show up....sigh. Well, a handful did and I may have made a whopping $18 but if you subtract the cost of the rolling rack and the cost of the postcards I printed to place all over town I was in the hole $10. Oh boy!
I spent most of today photographing my vintage dresses. Mister set up a nifty staging area and so I snap, snap, snapped away. Man, taking pictures of clothes is both kinda less-than-thrilling and tiring. I still have to measure everything, edit photos, and list them on etsy. Sooo much work. For now, I'm going to sit on the sofa and be lazy-ish. Sort much as I can at least. I will edit photos and work on blog posts for the preschool, oh and I will wash dishes so I can feel like I accomplished something.
Mister has been banished* from the tiny casa so that I can get stuffity-stuff done. The tiny casa feels even more tiny what with all the stuffity-stuff all over the place. I fear it may take me a few weeks to recover. I got things to do, I need to work quickly!

*his banishment consists of working on our last minute Halloween costume idea. Wish him luck!

Friday, October 19, 2012

casa de chaos

I'm having a vintage yard sale tomorrow morning and the tiny casa looks as if it could be featured on Hoarders (and I mean that from a very real perspective). In between unboxing tub after tub of forgotten vintage, I have been dabbing painted newspaper squares into glue to create a Day of the Dead calavera for my front door. There is nothing like a little arts and crafts to keep you both in perpetual procrastination AND productive. I am doing everything BUT and the casa looks it. There are clothes hanging over every surface and all sorts of vintage bits tumbling about. From paperdolls to ceramic squirrels to aprons and the like, I think this chaos just might consume me.
Keep your fingers crossed my sale is a productive one. The camera a-go-go is brokity broke and the only way I can get a new one is by selling off my loot...or, you know accepting donations...which I am totally open to. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink...I'm also painting up a newspaper storm. Papel picados will soon be in the shop. Happy Friday, folks! If you see anything that interests you, gimme a shout!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

summer road trip: lunch in flagstaff

We left Tara's to head up to the Petrified Forest. We stopped in Flagstaff for a leg stretch, wander and lunch. Lunch was had at Cafe Pickles where the staff was super friendly and the food perfect for a road trip. Mister got a deep fried hot dog (hey, we were on the road) and I got a cuban sandwich. We did not however, get deep fried pickles. I'm thinking maybe we should have, you know, in the spirit of the road trip. Sigh.
After a walk around back to the car, we got back on the road and headed towards some dark skies. Yay! It had been HOT in Arizona and yes, we knew it was going to be, but looked like ran was in our future, onwards to the Petrified Forest!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

squash happy

 Last weekend we hit up our favorite pumpkin farm and loaded up our wagons full of squash and such. I have vague plans for what I wish to do with my bounty but we'll see if I can actually get to it. Things are a smidge kooky here in the tiny casa. I'm working on blog posts and projects, two special November projects, house cleaning and vintage yard sale prep. Toss in actual work-work and my tendency to lose track and you can imagine the fun that is going on. Picture a multitude of half-done projects decorating the tiny floor-space of the tiny casa. Fun times.
So yes, we drove up to Chesebrough Farm to take a gander at this years' crop of pretty. mister and I picked up a wagon full of happy for under $25 and the sister a-go-go went a little grander.
I love visiting this farm. Each year the crop is surprising and each year the crop is just as delightful as can be. The folk who run the farm are super nifty and patiently answer our questions and we a-go-gos tend to ask a lot of questions.
We packed our pretty in the back of Eleanor and now I have a pretty collection. There are two luminas, a blue ballet, a warty thing and a handful of gourds. They look mighty pretty all piled together. Maybe I won't carve into them after all....