Sunday, September 16, 2012

the end of summer campfire

 On the last Friday before the nephew a-go-go returned to school, we a-go-gos packed up a plethora of snacks, beverages and other bits of goodness and hit the beach for an end of summer weenie roast.
It was overcast and cool, then hot, then cool again and then cold once the sun set. We were prepared though with umbrellas, sunscreen, jackets and a campfire.
There was digging and reading and chatty-chat chatting with a walk to the pier and a gape at the mad number of pelicans diving into the sea. Sadly we were too far north to see any whales but we did see some sea lions and the aforementioned pelicans.
 Hot dogs were roasted, s'mores were enjoyed and ghost stories were read. It was the perfect tribute to the summer's end...a-go-go style.

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  1. Anonymous10:10 PM

    What awesome pictures of the diving pelicans! There must have been a nice school of fish there. I've seen a similar spectacle once in Malibu, while driving down PCH. We stopped and parked to watch. Unfortunately my camera lens wasn't quite up to it so no pictures.
    The beach party looks lovely. I love to go to the beach for an early morning breakfast picnic with some nice ciabatta with tomatoes and cheese, soft boiled eggs, some strawberries, and a thermos of tea.....