Friday, September 07, 2012

recipe: a quick frothy coffee drink

I had a cold a last week ago and craved something cold for my sadly unhappy throat. After too many chicken mugs full of hot tea to count, and more jars of ice water than I could stand, I dragged my sick and sorry self to the kitchen to see what I could come up with. The mister and I were getting ready for our road trip (the one I'm on right now) and so the contents of the fridge were a tad bit minimal. But if I am anything, I am resourceful.
coffee ice cubes are perfect but plain cubes will work fine
blend blend blend
crank or sprinkle some sweet on top (that's chocolate, coffee beans and sugar there) and enjoy!
After spying the awesome sugar, chocolate and coffee bean grinder bit of magic I used in my s'mores scones I had an idea. I did not have one lick of iced coffee in the fridge, bu I did have a box of instant coffee packs from Trader Joe's (you gotta love Joe's). Combine one packet of coffee with the paltry container of coffee ice cubes I had lingering in the freezer, a one cup combo of milk and half and half along with a shot of cinnamon syrup into the blender and blend until there are no chunky bits and you have one tasty soother for a sore throat or any throat for that matter. I added a grind or two (or three) from the happy coffee grinder and a straw and plopped myself down on the sofa for a long sip and maybe a little Gilmore Girls. I need to try this with cream...or ice cream even. 

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  1. Anonymous8:26 PM

    This is actually quite tasty. Thanks!