Saturday, September 08, 2012

diy: burlap and lace

 The mister and I are currently on the road traveling across a handful of states. We're on our way to a wedding. My nephew is getting married...he's getting married. I keep thinking he's still that clever wide-eyed toddler that used to suck on lemons, twist my nose and push me out of the way if Days of Our Lives was on (seriously, my mother was a fan and so that young' un was conditioned to the theme song...poor kid never had a chance). With the nephew getting married (today in fact) and me being me, I forced asked the bride-to-be to let me make something for the wedding. It's an early evening wedding and so she is placing an assortment of jars on the tables to house candles and the like. I had been stalking peeking at her Pinterest board and suggested I make cozies for the jars. She sent me a photo that I have since lost the link to and so I made these. I think these are really close to the project she sent so if you do know who made them please let me know so I can link them up.
Here are the steps I took in making these nifty cozies. If you can't tell, I used short zig-zag stitches to reign in the burlap and keep it from fraying. The green thread is just so you can see the stitches. I had vintage lace on hand leftover from grannie's collection and even used some vintage hemming lace for the narrower cozies. 
 The ribbon ties will customize to an assortment of jars in different sizes, but the cozies themselves may need a little double-stick tape to keep them from sliding down. When working with burlap, make sure to use your ickiest scissors as the burlap will dull your fancy fabric cutting snippers in no time.
Do you like how they are the same but different? I really like how they tunred out and think these would make any party fabulous. Oooh, I think I should make some for Halloween, what color lace should I use? Oh or should I use cheesecloth? Oh my, I wish I had more time to make some now but I'm on the road.  If you make these, shoot me a picture or link and I'll share it here. Enjoy!


  1. Oh, that's a lovely idea! I think I have to try it too :o)

    1. thank you! if you do, i would love to see what you make!